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The topic that seems most interesting to me is the Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have always had an interest in becoming a doctor in the future. I love seeing change in people, but seeing it through medicine is miraculous. The way the body works is just amazing, and I would like to study the way it works more. I would like to find out how the medicine is harvested, how it is prescribed, and how it is taken.

Updated 8 years 6 months ago

My teacher taught me that to take the traditional Chinese medicine in some cases, you must boil it in a pot, until it’s very thick and murky, and then you drink it. I know that medicine is a way by which you can recover from many different illnesses. There is the herbal form, accupuncture form, and others that I dont' know about yet.  In my past, I have used the pill medicine to focus on one part of the body that was sick, but herbal medicine has always been more interesting to me.

Updated 8 years 6 months ago

Before researching anymore on this topic, the following key words I can use 

1. Qi Traditional Chinese Medicine

2. Five Elements Traditional Chinese Medicine

3. Yin yang Traditional Chinese Medicine

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As I have progressed in this project from studying TCM itself and the forms of it, I began to focus more and more on the five elements rather than all of the philosophies behind TCM. In order to thoroughly understand the five elements, one must investigate the two main cycles of the five elements, the classification and connection from the five elements to herbal medicine and our bodies, and the connection between the five elements and the community around us. 

About This Learner

Ever since the trip in 8th grade, I have always been walking outwards. I am no more afraid of silence, and I embrace the chances I have to talk to locals where ever I am. I'm so grateful to Mr. T for teaching us and guiding us through an experience that has truly changed the way I walk and talk. I hope that the coming years will bring the students lots of success as the locals in Xi Zhou continue to open up to foreigners like us.