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Hi guys! I'm in a service learning group with Nick and Ethan, so if you want to see our service learning project, then go to Nick's service learning page, or this link: http://www.sasmicrocampus.org/content/service-learning-20 

Here is the biography about Mrs. Duan for our group.


1. I learned that Mrs. Duan also loves knitting and thats why she owns a yarn shop. Mrs. Duan, despite her friendly exterior, has actually gone through multiple surgeries. Mrs. Duan's whole family loves music and dancing and she is such a strong and lovable soul. 

2. I learned that Xizhou is much more beautiful now, then it was before the reforms. Mrs. Duan said that the economy is much better because before, there was not much food for everyone to get enough nutrition. Mrs. Duan also had to work in the fields durig her free time. 

3. I learned that the economy in the 20th century in China was not very good. Many people in Xizhou, including Mrs. Duan, never got a full education. They were also required to work in the fields. 

4. Today we had a service learning celebration where are service learning partners came to Yang Zhuo Ran, and we showed them our final product video. I am in a group with Ethan and Nick and our service learning partner is Mrs. Duan. Mrs. Duan came a little late today, but she brought one of her dancing friends with her. Nick gave Mrs. Duan a gift for being our service learning partner and the gift was a nice pair of earrings from Da Li Old Town. At first when we sat down, I was really nervous about showing the video to Mrs. Duan, because I was unsure if Mrs. Duan was going to like it or not. I was a little relieved when I saw her smiling and laughing while we watched the other videos. 

When it was our time to present, Mr. Tafel told Ethan, Nick, and I to stand up so the audience could applaud for us. Mrs. Duan also stood up and smiled. She bowed politely to us. That bow assured me that she was happy. Mrs. Duan said that she loved the video and she loved the gift as well. She had to leave early, and I really didn't want to say good bye, but we all hugged her and walked her to the gate. She smiled and left, saying that tomorrow, they will be performing in Xizhou and we could watch. 

5. For the future Microcampus students for Service learning, I would recommend that students get to know their service learning partner better by just having a conversation. Usually, the local people will give you a gift when you enter their house, so it would be nice to give them a gift once in a while, when you go to interview them. I would also recommend that everyone talk, even if you are not good at speaking Chinese. Your service learning partner would definitely appreciate the fact that you are trying your best to interact with them.

About This Learner

Hi, I'm Ashley! I was part of the B4 Microcampus Group. Microcampus was such a great experience and I have grown closer to the other B4 members and local Xizhou citizens. I encourage all of the future Microcampus students to have a great time at Xizhou and cherish the time that you are there.