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I think that studying tea would be interesting because tea is a healthy and traditional Chinese drink that is made from the leaves of plants or petals from flowers. Itís different from other drinks of this decade. If I were to study about tea, I think that I would learn how tea is harvested or the traditional way of drinking tea. I think that I would visit tea plantations and watch or interact with workers who harvest tea. Also, I could visit and interview local people who drink tea often, questioning them about their experiences with tea.

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                  We, Microcampus students, were asked to come up with some keywords we could use on an online search, on a search engine like Google, to research more about our Inquiry project topic. Some keywords that I came up with is Xizhou, tea, Bai Minority, plantations, distribution, marketing.

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Background Information (from Phase 1):

The Bai Minority has a special tea ceremony in which bitter tea is served first, sweet tea second, and tea that has a great aftertaste last. For the bitter tea, the tea is boiled to which the fresh bitter fragrance and taste is fairly noticeable, brown sugar is often but into tea to make it sweet, and for the after taste tea, ginger, peppers, and honey are added into the tea. This indicates the whole life of the people of the Bai Minority. 

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For my final project, the main point that I want to share to my audience is about the business behind tea and how tea is distributed to shops. I want to show how tea leaves come from a tea plantation to the tea shops or into the convenient stores by designing a tea shop.

There are many intended audiences for my inquiry projects. For example, I want to show students at SAS or any other international school about the tea business in such a local area, like Xizhou. I want students to see what a tea vendor has to consider when they make a decision involving the tea in his/her shop.

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Hi, I'm Ashley! I was part of the B4 Microcampus Group. Microcampus was such a great experience and I have grown closer to the other B4 members and local Xizhou citizens. I encourage all of the future Microcampus students to have a great time at Xizhou and cherish the time that you are there.