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Our Service Learning partner was Mr. Li. He is a friendly man who owns a restaurant in Si Fang Jie. Please enjoy our video of him and an article about his life.




I learnt that Mr. Li is an extremely happy man. He enjoys life very much and he likes sharing his life story with others too. He is currently 69 years old and retired. He was once a soldier and a worker, and now a restaurant owner.

I learnt a little about the history of Xizhou. Mr. Li told me about the Cultural Revolution and Reform. He said that his life wasn't affected by the Cultural Revolution at all because he says Xizhou is in the countryside, so the Cultural Revolution didn't affect them here. He said the reform was great because they could eat fish and meat every night, meaning life was pretty great then.

As said before, I learnt about the lives of local people in China during the Cultural Revolution and Reform. However, other than that, he didn't provide any information on 20th century Chinese history.

For future Microcampus students, I recommend a few things to you. First, pick your Service Learning partner earlier, because the feeling of rushing, anxiety, and stress would really get to you if you leave it to the last second to work on. Second, make sure that when you pick your Service Learning person that they know EXACTLY what you need from them and what they are signing up for, because there is nothing worse than thinking you are almost done two days before the due date and having your SL partner say that they don't want to be part of this anymore..and take this from an experienced Microcampus student. Third, don't be afraid to explore and wander into people's home. The people here are mostly all very friendly, especially if you are nice and polite to them. The more connections you have...the more connections you have (as T would say). Also that comes in handy when you are looking for possible SL partners.


Please refer to Journal Entry Day 26 (Service Learning Showcase) for details about the SL sharing.

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