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I can imagine myself going around town and interviewing a few residents about my topics. I can speak enough Chinese to interview them. I could visit the town hall or the mayor's house if I wanted to continue on with Village Governance. I can ask him what he does and compare how he is different to other mayors. I can also go interview individual families. There is a governing system in homes too just like a regular city. Then from the information I collect, I can compare it to ancient China and even modern China.

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1) What do you already know (or think you know) about the topic? Where did you learn these things? (2 to 4 paragraphs)

I chose village governance. I think I know that there is a mayor who runs the village. Since Xizhou is rural, there are probably some old Chinese traditions so maybe the elderly advise the mayor. In the house, the man is in charge of most things. The mother probably does the housework while the father goes out to work.

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While researching, I might use Google. It is convienient and easy to use. I might use a few keywords instead of questions and long sentences. To find information on Village Governance, I might use words that relate to governing a village. There may be a few categories:

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My final project will be an analogy between my prediction and reality and a story on my journey in finding the information.

The audience for my project can be anyone who is interested about politics and maybe governnance too. My project is mainly about comparison between my prediction and the actual information. Anyone interested in a read like that will be interested in my final product. Also anybody who is interested in a fascinated journey of my research.

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I am from Chicago. I have two other siblings. I was new to SAS and China. I have lived in Chicago all my life. I play piano, tennis and enjoy basketball. I also love traveling but I have never been away from my home alone for more than one month. Xizhou was a very beautiful rural town and I got to appreciate the weather, air and scenery during my stay there. I haven't been to a lot of places on the west side of China so the trip was valuable to me. I learned as much as possible here and took a lot back with me to Shanghai.