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  1.  I learned that Xizhou was originally very messy and all over the place.  Over time, it became the village with the richest history in Dali.   I learned that Mao Ze Dong was respected as a god.  The entire Chinese nation had to worship him every morning and evening.  We had a gathering for all of the service learning partners.  All of our service learning partners and their families came over to the Yang Zhuo Ran.  It was a great experience sharing my final video with my service learning partner.  We started it up and I was the main interviewer in the video.  It was a bit embarrassing to look at your own production but I watched anyways.  We actually had to watch it twice because the first time we watched it, our service partner, Mr. Yang, wasn't there to attend it.  After the official viewing ending, he sauntered in his traditional theatrical fashion.  It was a great experience sharing the video.  There were a few light moments in the video while he was showing me his house, he drew on my back to demonstrate how his plant grew but overall, it was a great experience and I was grateful that he took the time to share and connect with us.  One recommendation is to ask each question separately. Another one is find a good service learning partner earlier and get he/she to agree earlier.  The last recommendation is to find out whether he/she is articulate early.


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Hey I'm Jason and I'm in Xizhou! I am studying village governance by interacting and communicating with the local people and the local officials. I also enjoy playing basketball and listening to music. Currently, I am enjoying the Microcampus experience and having fun! Feel free to check out my blog posts and inquiry project.