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I am interested in learning about village governance in Xizhou because I’ve experienced and learned about various types of governments such as Democracy and Communism. I think it would be interesting to compare these forms of government to a small village government. I plan to find out how this village is run, how leaders are elected/chosen, and what decisions they make. I plan on asking the leaders and the citizens on what the leaders’ jobs are and how they lead the village.

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My inquiry project topic is village governance.  Before I begin, I need to know where I am in terms of background information by putting down what I already know and where I learned this information.

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As I searched for experts and expertise on this topic on the internet through a search engine (Google), I used these keywords in the search so that I can find adequate results. This is the list of keywords

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My main point that I hope to share with my audience is that the Chinese government is very unique and different from Western countries' government.  I will describe the process of collecting information and talking to the villagers from Phase Zero all the way to Phase Three of the inquiry project.  Additionally, I will share this thesis by describing the learning process I went through.

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Hey I'm Jason and I'm in Xizhou! I am studying village governance by interacting and communicating with the local people and the local officials. I also enjoy playing basketball and listening to music. Currently, I am enjoying the Microcampus experience and having fun! Feel free to check out my blog posts and inquiry project.