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We will be publishing the service learning in Jason's workspace. The people in our group are Jason, Nike, Clara and me. Here is the URL to the project: http://www.sasmicrocampus.org/content/service-learning-28

I learnt many things from and about my elder. I have learnt that he started his restruant when he was just 17 years old. He told us that Xizhou used to be a broken down old village, but now it is prosperous and many people live here. He was the owner of the only restaurant in all of XiZhou. At that time in China you technically were not able to open a private restaurant. Thus he opened up the area as a public area and sold food there, thus he technically didn't open a restaurant but a public rest area. Although at that time they sold many different things than they do now, they used sell potatoes for 5 jiao(equal to about 8 cents) but at that time money was worth 10 times more than it is now.

When we first shared our service learning video with everyone that was there... Mr. Yang wasn't there. We had originally arranged for him to be there are around 2:45 but that day he had a lot of customers thus he wasn’t able to make the meeting in time. He said that he would be there at 3:30. That is when we planned the video, but when it was 3:30 and it was time to play his video he wasn’t there.

Mr. Yang finally came at around 3:45 and by that time everyone had finished his or her own video.  But Mr. Yang was there and we played his video for him after and he seemed to like the video we made. Even though he was already in part of one last year, which was meant for his wife.

About This Learner

Hey everyone! So my name is Christopher but you probably saw that around three times before reading that so I assume you already know that. I am currently a student of the Microcampus trip and I am researching the plants and animals of the area. I wasn't born in a large city so none of this is too surprising to me but it's great to be back in a familiar surrounding as the one I was born in. The flora around here is amazing, with huge amounts of wildflowers and interesting plants. The people here are really accepting and willing to tell their story. Completely opposite of large cities like Shanghai where the attitude is usually buy something or leave. All in all I’m loving my experience at Microcampus.