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Local plant life in and around Xizhou interests me because I have always been curious about these things. There are some things in life you just can’t explain, I, since the earliest years of my life I loved the feeling of life around me. In my inquiry I plan to find out what plants grow in this area, which plants grow where and when do they grow. I plant to find out what plants were originally here and which were brought here through human methods. How do they farm plants here and what are some of their uses.

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1) There are many things about the plant life of Yunnan that i don't know, that is why I am doing this inquiry project. There are many plants that can be used in Chinese and western Medicine. I think that the plants that people raise will mostly be invasive species and the plants in the wild would mostly be native because the plants that people grow are mostly the ones that sell for a lot such as tobacco, sugar cane, and tea but the plants that grow in the wild nobody has control over, thus the plants in the area are the plants that were orginally here.

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Before I actually start researching in the field I had to get some background information on the Dali area and some of the words that I used to find information: XiZhou (喜洲) Flora, ornamental plants, and Medicinal plants. I used mostly Google and Google scholar as the search engine but in China sometimes those don’t work so I would use Bing.

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My thesis is what it would take to find out what it would take to recreate a the ecology of Yunnan on a smaller scale in a isloated enviroment somewhere else (for example a large greenhouse) that would behave the same as the ecology as Yunnan to scale.

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Hey everyone! So my name is Christopher but you probably saw that around three times before reading that so I assume you already know that. I am currently a student of the Microcampus trip and I am researching the plants and animals of the area. I wasn't born in a large city so none of this is too surprising to me but it's great to be back in a familiar surrounding as the one I was born in. The flora around here is amazing, with huge amounts of wildflowers and interesting plants. The people here are really accepting and willing to tell their story. Completely opposite of large cities like Shanghai where the attitude is usually buy something or leave. All in all I’m loving my experience at Microcampus.