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I choose the topic of local plant and animal life because sometimes, the environment is different at high altitudes, and I want to understand the life that takes place their, and how the animals/plants survive. I would like to do some research on the plants I see, that I don't usually see in the "concrete world" of Shanghai. I imagine Yunnan should be a place where nature flourishes. Apart from the science of the plants and animals, I also would like the understand how these animals/plants interact with humans. Do humans use specific plants/animals for specific purposes?

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My main point (thesis) that I hope to share with my audience:

My main point is to share the diversity of plants in XiZhou and the CangShan Mountains. I want to describe how altitude can be an indicator of an environment change. I am going to describe the environment and describe the diversity of plants there. I also want to show the diversity and difference in plants with the samples I collected. 

My audience is:

About This Learner

Here is some quick info about myself. First of all, my name is Mark, although at this point you probably know. I attend 8th grade at the Shanghai American School. I'm very passionate about science, although I enjoy others as well. My greatest interests are: aerospace, aviation, go-karting, cars, space, Boeing, and NASA. Some of my hobbies are: Flying my flight simulator, Biking, Go-Karting, and model building. I am here at the Microcampus mainly because I want to experience something different, something outside the confines of my home and community in Shanghai. I am studying plants because I am quite interested in biology, although it's not one of my top interests, it's still something I like to study.