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I would like to take a close look at the local education system. My parents constantly remind me about how lucky I am to be going to a very good school; I wonder how different is it from the school nearby to where we are going. I want to learn about what kids learn in these schools, how are they tested, where do they get their materials from, and who pays for it? I sometimes wonder what it would be like going to school in Xizhou instead of Shanghai.

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Before coming up with my questions it is important to look at what I thought I knew before I went to the village. I do not really know much about the Chinese world outside of Shanghai or even just the Min Hang district but I can imagine it is nothing like the “bubble” I and fellow Microcampus students live in. In a place like Xizhou they probably do not have a one to one laptop program like we do at SAS. Perhaps one old computer shared by the entire school.

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To find experts I will use Google and Yahoo because they are both reliable and extremely easy to use. Words I might use in my search would be:

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The main idea I hope to share with everyone through my final product is how the teaching methods are different from SAS, at microcampus and local schools in Xizhou. I find the differences between the methods of teaching in those three places very interesting. 

My audience for this would mostly be made up of anyone who is interested in seeing the differences in teaching between the East and West, or for people who are interested in education in general in both the East and West. 

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Hey, I'm Armin. I'm 13 years old, I like playing basketball, swimming and running, also I love pretty much any kind of food. I am lucky enough to be on the B4 Microcampus trip. I have spent most of my life in Shanghai and at the American School, so I don't exactly know what it feels like to actually live in China. Now that I am finally here I'm exicted to learn more about my Inquiry Project and just learning about what its like to live in Xizhou.