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I've seen lots of pictures of Bai Minority people wearing colorful clothes with lots of patterns and big headdresses so I chose to do my inquiry project on traditional clothing of the Bai Minority people in Xizhou, Yunnan. They wear a lot of white and red, and they wear a lot of clothing with patterns of flowers. But the pictures I've seen are all of the women wearing the traditional clothing, and none of men. So I've decided to this project and find out more!

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I have very little knowledge about textiles just in general because I've never really looked into it. I think I know some things about the patterns that certain places like to use. In Xinjiang, China, people wear really colorful textiles. One reason that the textiles are famous in Xinjiang is because the cotton there is really good. The cotton there has a lot of really long fibers so it's good for making clothes. 

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1. Keywords for Google Search:

Textiles, Bai Minority, Traditional Clothing, Yunnan.

I will know that the information is valid by checking multiple sites for the same information. If the information is the same, then I will know that it is right and not made up. 

But if there are differences in the information, I would have to keep looking until I know all of my information is right.

I should be able to find the people who wrote and published/produced the article on the bottom of most sites/articles.

The 3 experts I will emailing are:

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My main focus right now is on comparing traditional clothing that a certain age groups wear compared to what they wore 50 years ago. (Gender: Female) Who wears what? When? What did she wear 50 years ago?

 My audience for this is people who are interested in Bai Minoritytraditional dress. I hope that this will also be helpful to students who will be interested in Bai minority traditional dress in future groups. This topic should also be interesting for people who come to tour and have wonderings about these things. 

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