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I want to find out the way the people in the village use the valuable resource water. These days I am also researching about water problems in the world. There are three main problems of water right now, they are: ownership, pollution and diversion. I want to know how people in Xi Zhou solve these problems. I also want to know the irrigation system, if I can. I will be asking a lot of village people about water such as: how much water do you use? Where do you get the water? Are you satisfied with the water you get?

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I want to learn about the irrigation system and water distribution of Xi Zhou. In order to find what I want to know, I listed things I already know. 

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When I was researching my background research, I found out that the keywords are really important is searching. Here are some keywords I used while researching on internet: Yunnan, Dali, Xi Zhou, Irrigation, Agriculture, Water, Lake Erhai, Sewer, Channel, Aqueduct, Weather, Climate, system...etc

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The main point I hope to share:

I want to share the movement of water in Xizhou. 

Information included in the main point:

a. Water movement in Xizhou

b. How the wastewater treatment place in Xizhou purify water

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Hi. My name is Sujin. I am currently a Microcampus Alumni. :) I miss Xizhou a lot. I really had a great time there and it has been a month that I will never forget for rest of my life. I really hope and want to go to Xizhou again.