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Prior to arriving in Xizhou, I was hoping to investigate Bai Music because of my very rich background as a musician. I was planning to break it down into two aspects: the instruments and the music style, and wanted to better understand the instrument and the techniques that are used in traditional Bai Music. Through this understanding, I would have been able to compare these to the instruments and styles that I know how to play (western). However, as I explored the music in Xizhou, I discovered Dongjing music, a traditional folk genre that is struggling to stay alive.

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What do I already know about the topic? Where did I learn it?

I think I know quite a lot about music, particularly music theory. I’ve been studying piano since the age of 5, and started the guitar when I was 9. I then added the drums and the saxophone in 5th grade. Because I play so many instruments (and also listen to a broad range of music), I have naturally built a very good foundation for music theory. 

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Google is such a smart and convenient tool, that if I wanted to learn more about my topic, Bai Minority Music, I would probably directly search: “Bai Minority Music”. To see if the information is valid, I think it would be useful to check the publisher/author of the article, and possibly also the publishing year. If the material is outdated, some of the data could be very inaccurate as well. This information can be found often on a website’s “about me”, or at the top (and sometimes the bottom) of the article.

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The main point that I want to get across to my audience is the importance of preserving Dongjing Music, or even just preserving history itself. My audience will mainly consist of  teenagers and young adults, because it is only through the youth that history can be saved. Elders do not have the same capability as youth do to spread ideas and revive them. However, even before going into my philosophy of why it is important to revive tradition, I will need to give readers background information of Dongjing Music.

About This Learner

Hey, I'm Ethan, and like playing basketball and listening to music. As a music fanatic, I decided to focus my inquiry project on Bai Minority Music. Microcampus is really a great opportunity for me to not only have more freedom, but to become responsible. It also allows all of us to interact with rural China, something we don't do often despite the fact that many of us have lived in China for a while. Feel free to take a look at my blog posts at any time!