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I am interested in looking at religions in the area. I have been thinking a lot about my own spirituality for a while and I would be interested in exploring that more seriously. My plan would be to do some research ahead of time about the different religions in the area and doing some background research about them, then once I got to the Linden Center, I could look more deeply into how the people in Xizhou have personalized their worship. I know that even in one religion, everyone goes about it differently.

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When doing research you have to use a few specific words to narrow down your search. These are the words that I can and will use while doing my online research.


BenZhu Buddhism

Dali Temples Buddhism

Islam Dali

Buddhism rituals


Buddhim meditation

Buddhism prayer

Islam prayer

When doing research it is important to know when a website has valid information. When the url has .org, .edu, or .gov, it can be trusted to be reliable.

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Information From Local Contacts:

local temples:

Ba Mu Si temple:

Above: This is a BenZhu alter. This man is not a god. He was military leader that kept the Dali area safe during hard times. He is surrounded by his soldiers and council.

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The point of the project for me was so that I could have a chance to see the role that spirituality plays in the lives of people from cultures other than my own, and then seeing if that somehow affects my view of my own spirituality. This journey will not end when the Microcampus trip does.

This project was never about pleasing an audience. The audience is myself so that I can reflect and see where I go from what I have learned. 

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