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I'm Nick and I am in the service learning group with Ashley and Ethan. In our group, we are posting all of our projects and our research about our service learning on this page.

Some elders we could interview could be an elderly woman. We think this because if someone is old they usually have lots on knowledge. We should interview a female because in the past, women are usually not treated the same as men. A woman would might want to be a professor or doctor but did not get a chance to do so. We want to interview someone who likes what they do. If they like what they do and we talk to them we will have an easier time bonding together. If the woman is either very open or very closed. If the woman are open then we can easily get information. If the woman is very quiet, then it would take more time to talk and bond.

elder 1: Ms. Duan. When we interviewed her, we found out some basic information such as she is 60 and she likes to dance. She used to dance and traveled across Yunnan to dance. She even been to America to dance. When we asked what her life was when she was a child, she told us that the Japanese invaded China. She went on telling us how cruel and merciless the Japanese are and how kind the Chinese are.

interview 2: today we found out that Ms. Duan's children do not have jobs and live in Kuming. They do not have jobs and their children, Ms. Duan's grandchildren, are in school. Last year she was depressed because she feared she would not live past 60. Now she is happy because she has lived past 60. She also had surgery 6 times.

interview 3: Hobbies: dance, play music, make clothing out of yarn. Today we tried to dig deeper into the surgery and scars that she has. We found out the one of her veins in her neck popped and it hurt very much. She got surgery, but never felt the same again. Throughout her lifetime, she faced many obstacles that prevented her from doing some of these activities. The nutrition she was getting as a child was not enough, therefore causing complications in one of her internal organs in the abdomen. She had to go through surgery multiple times throughout her life; this abdominal problem was a huge roadblock for her in many ways. One of her favorite things to do was to dance, and it became more difficult for her to dance as each surgery came. She has also had other injuries that have prevented her from doing her other hobbies. Just recently, she injured her leg and now she is unable to dance regularly. But despite the fact that she has gone through so much trouble in her life, she has grown to become an even stronger and happier woman. 

interview 4: Music and dance fanatic, Ms. Duan, is proud of who she is. Ms. Duan has recently reached her 60 year old mark. Here's her house and clothing store; Ms. Duan learned to make clothes with yarn since she was a child. She's very passionate about all three of those things: playing music, dancing, and making clothes. However, throughout her lifetime, there have been many obstacles that got in the way of her being able to enjoy those hobbies. As a young child, the food she was given did not provide her body with enough nutrition to keep some of her organs healthy. Hence, later on in her life, she underwent multiple surgeries in her abdominal area. These surgeries made it difficult for her to move around, and each surgery progressively worsens her health. She has also had knee troubles, and currently has an injured leg that prevents her from dancing.  She states that going through surgery was difficult and frustrating each time, but still went through all of them. She never even thought about giving up any of her hobbies, but instead did all she could to recover as quickly as possible. She also says that throughout her life journey of roadblocks, her husband was always there to encourage and support her. Despite the fact that she went through so many injuries, Ms. Duan has become an even stronger and happier woman than ever before. (thanks to Ethan for translating)


I learned so many things about Ms. Duan in this project, such as the fact that she experienced so much but still went through and danced. She had surgery but kept on moving towards her passions.

I learned that in Xizhou a while back there must have not been lots of nutrients because she had surgery to fix organs. This could have been during the Great Leap forward or some time then.

I learned about 20th century China and the lack of food that people got. I learned this because Ms. Duan did not get much nutrition from her childhood. This was either not nutritious food or from not enough food over all.

At the presentation that we shared with Ms. Duan, we started off by giving her a brand new pair of 50 kuai earrings. I could tell she apprectiated them because halfway through the presentations, I saw her wearing them. that made me feel happy because I bought the earrings without any help. That means I can chose decent jewelery!

When we started to watch our video, I felt embarrased at my monotone voice and the blurry pictures. As time went on, everyone got into the movie and I felt really happy. At the end, Ms. Duan was cry tears of joy. I think Ethan Ashley and I all made her day.

recommendations for future groups:

  • Take lots of picture in case no video aloud
  • socialize with your partner as well, don't just ask questions
  • enjoy the time with your elder

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Hi, my name is Nick. I researched about geology of Xizhou and Yunnan. I found out more then the flat world of Shanghai and the mountains of Yunnan. I left and I am in 9th grade.