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What I think I know about the Yunnan Geography is that it is up high on a mountainous range. There are probably tons of fog andĀ terracesĀ to irrigate all of the farming in the mountains. I think I know that there is a lake or a pond up in the mountains because there could be no fishing without water, or at least a small water source. I think I know that the geography around the area would be lush with green trees and bamboo because there is no cities near by Yunnan Province I believe.

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Some key words I can find helpful are earthquakes, tectonic plates, and Bai area earthquake history. I need to research about earthquakes because my inquiry projected shifted from the geology of Yunnan to the earthquakes and the history of Xizhou geology. I need to research about tectonic plates because earthquakes are caused from the movement of tectonic plates. What happens is that two tectonic plates collide together shakes the earth close to the point of contact. I need to research the Bai area earthquake history because in 1925, there was a big earthquake.

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What would happen if the land in Xizhou changed so drastically that all of the water flowed out of the lake and somewhere else?

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