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Our Service Learning partner was Mr. Zhao. He is 71 years old and he is the YZR security guard. 


1) What did you learn about your elder as a result of this experience?

I learnt that this elder only worked with the Linden Centre for about a year. Also that he was extremely supportive of Chairman Mao, and thought that the reform and opening of China was probably the best thing that happened to this country. I alsot learnt that he thinks that education is extremely important and that China is getting better day by day. 

2) What did you learn about Xizhou's history as a result of this experience?

I probably now have a very different opinion on the reform and opening of China now that I know that times before this happened was worse. I learnt that China right now is getting better, unlike before at least the economy is getting better. 

3) What did you learn about 20th Century Chinese history as a result of this experience?

I learnt that China really has a rough history, and that people now are lucky to be born during this time. I feel lucky to have such a nice family and such nice living conditions. 

4) Describe the experience of sharing your final video with your Service Learning partner--please copy/paste this as your daily journal? 

Mr. Zhao and our group have built a very close bond, I feel that it is a shame that we couldn't stay a few more days in Xizhou. I no feel that I am just using him as a project, but rather to engage in significant conversations with him. During our last meeting, we met him in the courtyard of our campus, he is our security guard after all. The conversations we had with him didn't really feel like it is a project, it felt more like just daily normal conversations. At the end of the meeting we invited him to come today at three to share with him what we had created. Mr. Zhao luckily agreed to come. 

Before our video was showed, I was extremely nervous about our video (seeing that I personally never reviewed it). however, I do feel that I created the video to the best of my ability. Luckily Mr. Zhao seemed to have enjoyed our video. I never really understood the meaning of "Service Learning", whenever I hear the word "service" it seems like we are providing and helping someone or someplace. I never knew that interviewing people is concidered a "service". But after watching everyone's reactions after the videos, I finally realized that just showing appreciation for one could just bring as much joy and service than providing them with actual "service". 

5) What recommendations do you have for future Microcampus students who will be involved in a Service Learning project? 

- The Ice Cream Man - SFJ

- BaBa maker - SFJ

- The other Mr. Zhao - Security Guard

About This Learner

Hi, I'm Yi Fei and I've survived attending this Microcampus program. Being in Yunnan has been a delightful experience, I learnt quite a lot about the place we stayed at and about myself as a person. I am honored to have been able to attend this program.