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I am interested in learning about the local antiques and artifacts industry in Xizhou. I would like to learn the difference between real and replicas of artifacts and antiques, and how they are cared for, Antiques in general. In my daily life, I’ve been always been surrounded by antiques and artifacts, mainly because my father enjoys collecting these things, to my father they are his prized items and are actually quite interesting to look at, but to me and my sister they are just things to be destroyed.

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Before I came to Xizhou and started my research I had an extremely vague understanding of the collection and the selling of antiques. I’ve always believed that antiques where just for display of the wealth of a family or something used in a household or just a piece of furniture for daily use. Also I would used to imagine that they would determine the price of an antique or collectable by its age, appearance, and the material used.

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Interpreting Internet Sources: I personally believe that I would not need to use the internet as much for this project, mainly because many of the answers for my questions would come from people of the village. Also because many of the sources are extremely brief and always end up trying to sell me things. Therefore most of my research will be done at the village itself.

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Information from local contacts:

Mrs. Ma and Mr. Yang shu (Tom's Old Antique Store) - March 16 10:00 AM

1. What materials are usually used for Chinese antiques or collectibles?

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For the final product, the main point that I hope to display the code of ethics that guides the antique trade in Xizhou, Yunnan. The audience for this would be anyone who would be interested in entering the antique market and planning to become a collector, or anyone who is just interested in antiques in general. I think that those people would be most suited as an audience who could be interested in my final product. 

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Hi, I'm Yi Fei and I've survived attending this Microcampus program. Being in Yunnan has been a delightful experience, I learnt quite a lot about the place we stayed at and about myself as a person. I am honored to have been able to attend this program.