Updated 5 months 2 weeks ago

"An Inquiry project you will be passionate to learn about and spend 28 days exploring in Xizhou." That is how I knew I had to make a crucial and big decision that would decide whether I will enjoy my time at Microcampus or not. Out of the long list of project opportunities for different types of people, I have to choose one of them that would allow me to truly explore what the world is like outside the "bubble." I cut down the list by eliminating the ones I have less interest in, then I finally came down to three topics that would be worth my time learning about.

Updated 1 month 3 weeks ago

After a week of planning ahead and deep consideration in Phase 0, I have finally decided that the Inquiry Project: Embroidery is what fits my interests the most out of the long list of projects. After choosing the project I am going to explore in the 28 days spent in Xizhou, this Phase (Phase 1) is going to lead me to learn more about the process of creating embroidery in the local area. 

What do I already know about embroidery? Where did I learn it?

Updated 2 months 4 days ago

After posing my "Big Questions" that will motivate my learning during Microcampus in Phase 1, it is time for me to start reaching out to experts so I will be able to answer some of my questions and possibly come up with more. The purpose of this phase is to narrow down broad topics and pose new questions for them.

About This Learner

I have lived in Shanghai for almost ten years and attended SAS for most of the time I lived here. I was 13 when I attended Microcampus with the Wildfires group. My family and I always valued experiences whether they are positive or negative. I thought that Microcampus would be a once in a lifetime experience to explore the truth of China outside our Shanghai bubble. Indeed, when I saw the welcoming smiles of the local elders, I knew that Microcampus is an experience I would never forget.