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Our Service Learning partner was a man named Mr. Yin. The location of his house is at the alley next to where the cheese maker lives. Next to the gate that leads to his house are big red letters that are spray painted that say "Here is where the general lives." During liberation, life was extremely difficult. There was not enough food, so the people can not fill their stomachs. The Red Guard also came to his house and tore down parts of it. Unfortunately, Mr. Yin mainly talked about the history of China as a whole and did not mention anything specifically about Xizhou. After the dynasties ended (Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming Qing), China, under Mao Zedong's reign, was extremely chaotic. Many events took place during Mao Zedong's reign that were meant for good, but turned out extremely bad. For future Microcampus students, make sure to make meaningful connections early in the process so that you would be able to get Service Learning partners. As Mr. T says, "For every 10 contacts you make in Xizhou, one of them might be a Service Learning partner." Also, remember to include Chinese and English subtitles that are translated word for word and have no mistakes in translation. Lastly, confirm that your Service Learning partner is, in fact, your Service Learning partner to make sure that he/she does not back out late in the process of interviewing.

About This Learner

Hi, I am Justin Y. from SASPX and I am 13 years old. I was born in America, but moved to Kunming when I was four. After one year, I moved to Shanghai and attended school at SASPX. I arrived at Xizhou and was extremely excited about the Service Learning project and the Inquiry Project. I have made many friends here and I hope I can continue this journey in other places. After all, the journey does not end after Microcampus ends.