Updated 4 years 11 months ago

Microcampus provides the opportunity for SAS students to go on a 28 day trip to Xizhou and learn about its culture, religion, business, etc. The inquiry project is a topic that we choose before the Microcampus trip that seems interesting to us. During the trip, we interact and communicate with local people to study our topic.

Updated 4 years 11 months ago

To start on my inquiry project, I needed to choose a topic and have a basic understanding of it, which is exactly what I did in Phase 0. I selected a topic from the list of topics that interested me and the topic that I chose was Economics Case Study. I chose this topic mainly because I believe that I have a use of the knowledge I will learn on this trip in the future.

Updated 4 years 12 months ago

In the previous phase (phase 1), I created my list of questions that I will use to aid me in my research on my topic. These ten questions will not only help me with my research, but it will also aid me when I communicate and interact with the locals at Xizhou. In phase 2, I will be finding helpful sources of information to do further research on my topic. 

Updated 4 years 11 months ago

In Phase 1, I came up with the questions that I aim to answer in my time at Xizhou. After finishing that, I gathered sources in Phase 2 so that I would be able to gather information for this phase of Microcampus work. 

About This Learner

Hi, I am Justin Y. from SASPX and I am 13 years old. I was born in America, but moved to Kunming when I was four. After one year, I moved to Shanghai and attended school at SASPX. I arrived at Xizhou and was extremely excited about the Service Learning project and the Inquiry Project. I have made many friends here and I hope I can continue this journey in other places. After all, the journey does not end after Microcampus ends.