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Our Service Learning partner is Mr. Yin. He is 72 years old and he is a retired farmer. He lives on the same street as the Ru-Shuan maker, but in the General's house. Throughtout our interviews, I have learnt many things from Mr. Yin. Firstly, I learnt that his whole family used to be farmers, including him. Secondly, I learnt that Mr. Yin has a lot to say about Chinese politics, especially things that relates to Mao Zedong. Thirdly, I learnt that the life here in Xizhou was really harsh tens of years ago, even if you were on the good side of Mao Zedong. Before, I only thought that the rule of Mao Zedong was bad for the people that got persecuted, but now I know that even the farmers did not have a good life. As a result of this experience, I learnt many things about Xizhou. Firstly, I learnt that Xizhou used to be just a farming town, but now it is a tourist destination. Also, I learnt about the Yang ZhuoRan compound. Mr. Yin told us everything he knew about the Linden Family and Mr. Yang ZhuoRan and his children. Unfortunately, I did not learn much about the 20th century history in China. The only thing I learnt about the 20th century was that the 21st century is much better off than the last.

When we finally shared our video with everyone, which included the Ignite group, the chaperones, and the Service Learning partners, it was slightly nerve-wracking. At the start, we had to introduce ourselves in our English and Chinese names. After that, we all sat down in our seats when the video began. The video started out okay, and nobody really had any reactions. As the video kept playing, people were occassionally laughing, which I think was because the camera kept on shaking and zooming in and out.

I think our Service Learning partner really enjoyed the video, since as it was playing, sometimes he was smiling when he said something funny. Also, as Mr. Yin was watching the video, he seemed to be really interested in the clip. After the video, he told us that some other group had quite a few mistakes whilst we had none. Overall, Mr. Yin was quite content with the video we made about him, except for the fact that the video was sometimes shaky and not aiming at his face.

About This Learner

Hi! My name is Adeena L. and I am 13 years old. I was born in Portland, Oregon but I have lived in Shanghai for about 10 years now. I travel a lot with my family so I have been to many different places. I enjoy learning about various civilizations, which can also lead to understanding more about different cultures. During my time in Xizhou, I managed to learn a lot of different things about the rich culture and the local people of Xizhou.