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My group for Service Learning consists of 4 people. Nicki N., Adina L., Justin Y., and myself. Together we have created a Service Learning video using I Movie. Our Service Learning partner is named Mr. YIn. Mr. Yin is a former general in the Chinese Military. He is currently making money by farming on his fields. While interviewing him we learned a lot about his life during the major events in China. We were able to learn about some of the damage the Red guards had done to his house and what his thoughts were on those actions. During our interviews we were able to learn a lot about the history of XiZhou and what life was like 60-70 years ago. We learned about the different events that occurred 60-70 years ago and how that affected the local people. We learned about what the parents of our Service Learning partner thought about these events and how they affect them. 

I learned a lot about 20th Century China based on what our partner had to say about the education system and the daily life of the locals during the 20th Century. We were told about how strict the education system was and how those systems impacted his life. He also told us about the rules that were out in place during the time when he was growing up. I think that we could have done better on our Service Learning project. Nevertheless we did a good job on our project. In my opinion it was scary to see what people would think about our video, but after seeing their reactions I felt pretty good. 


About This Learner

My name is Aniketh. I am a 12-year-old eight grade student from SASPD, and this is my second year living in Shanghai. I have one little brother named Abhinav who is currently going to 3rd grade. My first year of living in Shanghai has been very exciting, because I have been given many more opportunities to learn and improve my skills as a student and as a person. I have already learnt more about the Chinese culture and heritage. A little bit about myself, I am very interested in sports and in education. I play soccer, football, and street hockey. When it comes to education I am very interested in politics and what goes on around the world, therefore I am currently apart of MUN. I am also interested in Music, I play the violin in the Intermezzo orchestra. I am very happy to have gone to XiZhou and experience the Microcampus program. I hope that future Microcampus groups will enjoy this village just as much as we all did.