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I am about to go on a 28 days (4 weeks) trip to Xizhou for Microcampus. Microcampus is basically an amount of eight graders that are chosen to leave their typical lives in Shanghai for a month and go to the heavily cultured place called Xizhou. Something that we do in Microcampus is called the Inquiry Project. An inquiry project is an exploration topic where students choose a topic which interests them and research about it by experiencing it first hand, asking some local people, and doing everything ourselves rather than relying on a friend, teacher, or parent. 

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During Phase 0, we were in the process of selecting inquiry projects that intigued us and pursue the ones that would stay interest us for the whole month we were there. Now in Phase 1 the objective is "Posing Real Question" which means posing a research question like in science. The inquiry project in many ways are like science experiments, start by exploring topics or ideas, and pretty soon a purpose/research question will begin to surface.

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Thanks for following my inquiry project to Phase 2. Previously in phase 1 we were Posing Real Questions, which means that we were supposed to do some background research about our project and come up with a list of ten questions. For further information, you can get to phase on by clicking here. The purpose of Phase 2 is Finding Helpful Resources that will lead us to find the answers to our questions, or give us some ideas for generating new questions.

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While working on my inquiry project, I looked at previous works of Microcampus students like Jorge, Miranda Y, and Anna's. I read Anna's and Miranda Y's because their inquiry project topics was similar to mine. I looked at Jorge's because at first when I was still coming up with a hanger I had to brainstorm many different possibilities. A possibility I had was What will I have to know in order to sell Xizhou Baba for a year?. Jorge's topic was about Economics of a Small Family-Run Business and I thought that it might benefit me if I read his project.

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Hi, I am Michael and I am 13 years old. I am from Los Angeles, USA and so far I have lived in two different places (L.A. and Shanghai). I found out about Microcampus when Mr. Tafel introduced it in 6th grade. When my older sibling came back and told me how amazing the trip was, I decided that I wanted to go in 8th grade. Now that I am back in Shanghai, I miss the clean, fresh air of Xizhou as well as all the lovely people in the village.