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Nice videos, the kids look so happy and sunny, wish to see more! We enjoy as much of xizhou as the kids do, what a group of proud parents!

Mark-mother's picture

Hi Cassandra, Ashley and Mark,

Thanks for letting us know how nice the XiZhou people is.

I am really happy for you guys to have live education experience.

Look forward to see more your exploration.  

Enjoy and have fun!


Mark's mom 



Jason-father's picture

What a refreshing change!  Waking up to the sounds of birds rather than horns.  Looking at the sunrise through clear skies instead of smog.  Everyone take lots of deep breaths to cleanse your lungs.

Cristina's picture

Hi! I just want to let you know how proud I am of being part of all this.

Jorge is just a blessing for us and we are very proud of him, We are going to miss him but all this effort and persistance will have a fruitful ending.

Love you my dear son.



Nike-father's picture

I hope the bus ride was not too long and the night was giving some peace and rest for everyone. I wonder about the experince on the first day with Mr. T and the crew in your new home.

All the best to Nike and everyone.

Nike-mother's picture

Well, that was something, wasn't it? I had thought it would be easy to send her away (because she was so excited and looking forward to it) but, no, it was not!  4 weeks!!! This is, indeed, a very long time and we will miss you like crazy, Nike.

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Hopefully you got there safe and sound. Love to you!!! Miss you and keep writing us!!!