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So today I finally got on and have been looking at the photos, reading your journal entries and soaking up all that you are experiencing in Xizhou. What an EXPERIENCE! What beautiful photos! How exciting to be in clean air, relish in the landscapes and experience nature up close and personal. Lucas, your brothers have both looked at your sunrise shot and also read your journal. We are missing having everyone all together under the same roof, but what I am getting used to is how this will now be more and more normal for us.

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I am loving reading all of your amusing stories about laundry!  I am sure by the end of the trip you will all have it down.  Your writing is all so descriptive and fun to read.  I can feel the clean air you write about and see the blue skies in my mind.  We haven't had many blue skies in Shanghai this week.  Keep up the great stories and descriptive writing!  

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Hello Natalie,

I enjoy reading your journal entries and learning about the things that you and your friends are doing. The town looks lovely and all of you seem to be having a lot of fun! I am so proud of you - you get up early to go running with your friends, you go to church and you do your work as well. Relish the opportunity to live and learn in a new place! We love you and cannot wait to read more!

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You made it!  We are SO proud of you for being apart of this amazing journey!  You will learn and grow so much over the next four weeks.  Take your time to stop and smell the flowers, marvel at the beautiful scenary, enjoy the "slower pace of life" and get to know the wonderful villagers of Xizhou.  We LOVE you!



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Great to talk to you and I had just completed two conference calls as was dialing your number when you called!  Perfect Timing

Have you been able to visit any TCM locations in the short four days you have been in XiZhou?  How is your project coming along!  I enjoy your journal and hope you are making good progress.

Thought for the day:

Sow a thought, reap an act

Sow an act, reap a habit

Sow a habit, reap a character

Sow a character, reap an eternal destiny.



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It just have been very few days without you here, but we can tell you are not home.

Everyone has been watching the videos from the play and the positive comments pour down as a fresh water in our thirsty throats.

But what is most important is that you are growing up so much, many positive experiences will enrich your life. Well done son.

We love you.


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Hi Jillian - 

I know you're having a great time at Microcampus. I really enjoyed watching the Daily Video Shoutouts since it gives us parents a sense of where everyone is - makes me want to go there too! The first thing I noticed in the day 1 video was birds chirping. In the second video, I enjoyed seeing you and your friends biking through the alleyways. As for your room getting a 0.8 on the cleanliness scale, I guess I'm not surprised given the usual state of your room at home! Looking forward to reading everyone's posts.

Love and xx,


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Hello Colton:

so good to see your blogs and learn more about what you are doing.  Thanks for sharing. 

Just a quick thought for you and your fellow "Cookie Monsters" to consider:

"We believe that business can be bravely led, passiontately collaborative and world changing."

(Northwestern Kellog School of Management)

Reach high in what you are thinking and considering.

Hope you are well and enjoying your days!



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Hi Jillian,

Glad to hear everyone got to Microcampus safely. I'm really excited for you and your friends. It's a lot quieter in the house now that you're not here, and I know Jinx misses you because he's meow, meow, meowing a lot more! Looking forward to reading your posts!



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Hey Colton:

I flew back into HongQiao today and walked right back through where we dropped you off!

So cool that you are doing astonomy!  We will have to break out our telescope this summer and you can show us what you learned. 

House is empty without you here---it is so exciting you have had two great days!  So have I! 

Get some sleep and enjoy!

Ralph Waldo Emerson said:  " know even one life breathed easier because you have lived.  This is to have succeeded". 

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Hi Aakshi

Good to read your post and we are happy to know that you like the place and you are settling in well. I hope you enjoyed the walk around the village. I am sure everyday will be a new learning and experience for all of you. 





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Dear Aidan,

I miss you very much. As Cameron was saying, we got a fooseball table. Me and Dad played. I won against Dad. It was so exciting in swimming because I beat Cameron twice in freestyle kick. I was very happy because I got fajitas for dinner tonight.  It's very quiet without you and I think that we'll have so many leftovers because you aren't here to eat all the food.

love Ethan

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Dear Aidan

We are being deprived of Star Trek here so it might be beneficial to you but not for us. (!!) I hope you are having fun in Microcampus because we all miss you back in Shanghai. This weekend we had a badminton tournament for Dad's office and we got a table-top fooseball game. I thought the badminton tournament was the best event because we got to play with other people from around China who work at Dad's office. 

love, Cameron


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Howdy Colton:

Proud of you and so excited to hear about your travels today!  Nothing like starting the day with an early trip to the airport!



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Dear Aidan,

Can you believe it? I'm teary as I start to write this letter to you.  Not because I'm sad. Really, I'm not. I'm so happy that you have this opportunity, proud of your accomplishments, and excited for what you will find in the wide world.

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I posted this picture because I wanted to remember Aidan as he was today, a newly minted 14 year old, grade 8 boy, reading in the car on the way home from school, 3 days before embarking on this great adventure called SAS Microcampus. With 3 days left until Aidan, literally and proverbially, flies the nest for a whole month, we are surprisingly all at peace, feeling quite happy and hopefully well-prepared.

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Microcampus is such an exciting opportunity for Colton---

we trust he will enjoy this experience to learn more about himself and about the world around him. 

We are also very excited to see how all the items on the "packing list" are

going to fit into one suitcase (20 kg or less) and one carry-on backpack!



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As I learn more about the essence of the IB program - self-directed inquiry based learning and critical thinking - the more I realize that Microcampus is great preparation for IB. You guys are really fortunate for this opportunity to get a preview of something that you can choose to experience in high school.

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Nice videos, the kids look so happy and sunny, wish to see more! We enjoy as much of xizhou as the kids do, what a group of proud parents!