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Today was the day, the day that the 3 day hike started. The day that the torture started, the day that really tested our physical ability. None of us fully knew what we where getting in to when we all piled into the bus. The words of the Alumni students in the back of our heads, the warnings. At first the hike did not seem all that terrible, and it really wasn't. We started out by walking through a constriction site to get the the base of the mountain, and from there it was nothing but up. The first 40 minuets of anything the hike where the wort.

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Today we woke up at 6 and packed our tents and hiking backpacks. We went down to the temple, and made sure that we had everything with us and made sure we had everyone. We walked downhill for about an hour, and finally got on a bus and went back to Yang Zhuo Ran. When we got back, we plopped all our bags to the ground, washed our hands, and headed straight for breakfast. We appreciated the meal they prepared for us and ate a ton. After that, we had a daily meeting about what had happened the past 72 hours.

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Today the rest of the kids from the hike came back early. I had breakfast about 8:30. Bryce made French toast, and there were pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast, fruit, and more. It was really delicious. Bryce, Noam, and I had some breakfast while we waited for the rest of the group to come back. At about 9:30, Ms Mai said they just got off the bus, so we went around back to wait for them. First we saw Kristen, followed by the rest of the group. We welcomed them back, and then went inside. Another breakfast, and then we had a daily meeting.

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This morning we woke up bright and early and started trekking down the mountain.  Because of the multiple mishaps that had occured in the days previously, Mr. T decided that it would be a good idea to change the plans a bit and get back to XiZhou quickly and safely before anything else happened.  

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The people of XiZhou are very welcoming and warm to strangers. On the first day, Mr. T told us that we could step into someone's courtyard without being yelled at. At first, I doubted his words. But after spending 16 days in XiZhou, I believe that the people at XiZhou really are that welcoming. For instance, many of the people I talked to for my inquiry work were helpful. The elders that are candidates for service learning were also very forthcoming. Sometimes, we would even have to extend our etr (estimated arrival time) because we were talking to a local.

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Today was day 2 of the hike.  The day's task was to hike to about 3200 meters, reaching the ridgline of the mountain range.  We got started at about 8:30 in the morning after packing up our tents and having a quick breakfast.  One of the better things about the day was the fact that we only had to carry our day packs today, bringing a sufficient amount of water and a few other essentials things; one of the difficulities of the hike was the fact that we had to come both up and down the mountain, making the distance that we would have to travel double compared to yesterday.     

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Today is the second day of the hike, and today we are going to head up to the top of the mountian, enjoy the scenery, eat lunch, and then go back down to our camping point.

we got up at 6, and ate breakfast around 7, then we packed our lunch for the day and headed up.

As we hiked, I encountered less challenges than before because that day we only had to bring our day bags, so it was lighter than yesterday's hiking backpack. We hiked for about 5 hours, until we stopped for a lunch break at a tip of a mountain.

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Today was the last of our challenging but also kind of fun three-day hike. We went back down the mountain- we took a shorter path this time, as it only took about 75 minutes to get down. We got on the bus and got back to Xizhou, and walked back to YangZhuoRan with our bags. 

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Today was Thursday, today was a special day because it was the first time I could wellness since I fell on my knee and cut it open. Since it was wellness time Caleb, Isaac, Noam, and I headed down to the basket ball court. When we got there I found out that I had barely gotten any TZ from the bike ride I decided I had to go all out during the game to get TZ.

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Today, Max and I crawled out of our sleeping bags several feet below where we went to sleep, due to the slant of the spot we were sleeping in. We packed up and made our way down to breakfast, which was a bowl of noodles. After eating, we repacked extra layers and other necessities into a smaller day pack, which we would carry up the mountain instead of our burdensome hiking backpacks.

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Today we woke up at 6:30 again. We packed up our tents then got ready to go down the mountain. Since I felt like I was stuck on my inquriy project and did not where to go from here I decided that I was going to have an walk and talk with Mr. Tafel. Mr. Tafel talked to me about narrowing down my inquiry topic which is farming in Xizhou. He gave me some good ideas about what to change my topic to. For example how garlic has changed the farming industry in Xizhou. Also how has the number of farmers lessoned and how the farming industry will be impacted by that. The walk and talk with Mr.

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Today was the day we left for the 3 day hike. We woke up at 6 and ate breakfast at 7, then we headed out for the bus.

When we first got out of the bus, I already felt the temperature start to drop, I put on an extra layer as we were walking. Mr. T assigned some of us at the head of the group to set a good pace for everyone, and we walked on built roads for about an hour, until our paths lead up to the mountain.

As we hiked up the mountain, I felt the altitude level start to rise each minute, I could feel it in my ears and how cold my body was.

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Today is the first day of our hike. Some of us were excited, and the others dreaded this day. We put on our overstuffed hiking backpacks and proceeded to walk to our bus. The bus ride lasted approximately 20 minutes; long enough for us to feel sleepy, but not long enough for a full nap. Before starting with the hike, Mr. T pointed to a white structure on the mountain surrounded by a forest of green. He told us that that was our destination of the day. The sheer height of where the structure was located intimidated us, nevermind the slope of the mountain.

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Today, during the daily meeting, Mr.T told us all a quote. 

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, in not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle 

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Today was the first day of our big three day hike.  First I would like to emphasize the preparation that went into the planning of this.  We brought sleeping bags and pads all the way from Shanghai in our already overstuffed suitcases, then we went on a prep hike and and prep camping trip, all in preparation for these three days.  Now that this day was finally here, I was jittery and nervous at the same time.

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Everyone likes a challenge once in a while. But going home was a comfort to us all.

Today we returned to Yangzhouran, I was delighted to be back. We arrived in the morning at about 9:15. Though I enjoyed the challenge, I really wanted to take a nice hot shower. I also couldn’t wait to stuff my face with pancakes and fill my belly. We had camped overnight at the temple (2,600 meters) and in the morning, we started to hike down at about 8:00 a.m. The hike back down wasn’t hard; it was all down hill and only took about 45 minutes.

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Today was supposed to be the most challenging part of the three day hike. We were going to hike from 2600 to 3200 meters above the sea level. Again this morning we woke up at 6:30 packed up our tent  and got ready to start hiking.

Since I broke my walking stick from the previous day I was on the hunt for a new one. Eventually I found one and although this stick was not exactly the most straightest stick but it was quite sturdy so I kept it and it held up throughout today's hike.

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Today was the day, the day that we had all been waiting for. Mr.T All Star Wizbang Trivia night. This of course was Mr.T's favorite night, because as you know Mr.T loves game shows. On this day we all had to pick names for our teams (our work groups) and get together a costume. Our group ended up being the Overachieving Underachievers (I do not know why). The actual event was very entertaining and had some very difficult questions. There where three sections regular, double, and final Jeopardy.

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The last day of our hike was bittersweet. On one hand, I was excited to get back to Yangzhouran, but I would still miss the challenge of the hike.

We packed up the tents and were on the road by 7:30. The hike down was not as tough as uphill, but it was nice to savor the last few steps before we returned to flat ground. As I was walking down, there was one cluster of pine trees that were standing right in the golden sunlight. The leaves reflected back the color, making it look like a forest of gold. This was just one of the many amazing views I got to experience on this trip.