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Because we are required to eat outside of YangZhuoRan for at least one meal per day, the students here at Microcampus has discovered many of XiZhou's delicacies. For example, one of the popular snacks are the famous XiZhou baba. This is essentially a round piece of dough with additional toppings added on; rather like a pizza. Like a pizza, there are also different flavors o the baba. There is the normal salty flavor, salty with egg, and sweet.

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The Yan family compound in Xizhou- one of their many courtyards.

Today was pretty much a normal day, so I will just write about Xizhou in general. 

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Once more, Ms.Mai and I departed YangZhuoRa. This time we were going to investigate net fishing at Lake Erhai for my inquiry project. So far I have been to a cormorant fisher, net seller and a fish seller. This was the first time I would work with a fisher that uses nets. 

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Xizhou is a beautiful place where the mountains are endless along with wonders.

Being here for about a week now, has let me see a lot of things on the walls of history in Xizhou. There are a lot of mountains, water sources, climate changes, and many more. 

There are a lot of mountains as I look around, and the sky is very blue, meaning that the pollution level in Xizhou is not as high as Shanghai. The air quality in Xizhou is pretty good, looking at the sky color, and the smell of fresh air. 

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Today's Journal entry will be the second installment of my earth journals. This one will be on the topic of the biosphere in Xizhou, specifically in the mountains. To see my previous installment click here.

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Today I will write my observations for the biosphere in Xizhou. While we were on the mountain, I discovered and abundance of things. There were many different plants but the one I saw the most on the mountains were pine trees. As we were climbing up the "remote" part of the mountain, we saw many of those pine trees, sticking out everywhere. Pine trees are very popular here because of the temperature. Also the fact that they do not need a lot of water.

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The lithosphere has an enourmous impact on Xizhou, its populace, and the surrounding area. The main effect the lithosphere has on the populace of the area is the rain shadow created by Cangshan. This affects the vegetation in the area, and as a result, the food consumed by the village. Opposing Cangshan is Erhai, a rift lake created through tectonic movement. On the other side of the lake (relative to the village or Cangshan) there are many foothills, presumably also caused through tectonic movement.

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The biosphere of my choice for my earth journals was lithosphere.  We were originally supposed to post this last Friday, but over the weeked the Microcampus group went on a hike to the top of Cang Shan mountain.  Many of the things that I noticed about the geology of the land is talked about here.

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This weekend, the Jailbreak group went on our three-day hike. On the first day, we climbed from 2000m to 2600m on CangShan Mountain. On the second day, we ascended another 600m to 3200m. The third day we descended down to 2000m back to Xizhou.

For my choice –sphere, I decided to observe the lithosphere. The hike was a great opportunity for me to observe the mountains close up. As stated before in my previous journal, the CangShan Mountains formed when two tectonic plates, the Indian and Eurasian, collided.

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Today, we were required to write about a chosen sphere we observed, and our additional observations during the hike. The sphere I chose to observe was the atmosphere, and people can see my initial observations about the atmosphere in journal 7

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The air in Xizhou is definitely cleaner than that of Shanghai. For one, you can actually see the blue sky here, instead of gray smog. When first coming to Xizhou, I could immediately tell that the atmosphere was very different from Shanghai’s atmosphere. Later, I observed why it may be so different.

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Our group recently went on a three day hike up the Cong Shan moutains. Up there there was a lot to observe about the atmosphere, my chosen sphere. I noticed that around dusk there were huge winds that came through. This made it rather difficult to set up a tent. The reason for these big winds is because warm air rises, so all day the warm air from the group is rising and pushing the cold air up so that it is around the top of the mountains. Then, when the sun goes down there is no more warm air to rise so the cold air falls down the side of the mountain and creates massive winds.

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Todays earth journal will be only on the biosphere.

From from Friday to Sunday we went on a three day hike. While up there we had to go through a lot of thick vegetation. Up on the mountains we saw thin bamboo, pine trees, fern, moss and a bunch of other plants that I cannot name. Throughout the hike there was piles and piles of pine needles and pine cones coating the ground making it more slippery. There was also occasional sap coming from the trees. To sum up, there were trees and plants everywhere.

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Today, we woke up at 6:30, repacked bags, filled up on water, and began our hike down the mountain. This was relatively tough, since we had not yet had breakfast, but the hike only lasted for around 45 minutes, which I find pretty impressive for a 600 meter descent, especially when the ascent took six hours.

For the rest of the day, we worked on catching up on journal posts, Daily Video Shoutouts, and generally catching up on missing work from the Three Day Hike.

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*Note: This journal is part of my SAS Essentials work for science.*

For our science work at Microcampus, we are supposed to observe two -spheres and write about our findings in our journals. One is the hydrosphere, and the second one is an option of either the atmosphere, biosphere or lithosphere. This is the second earth journal, in which I will be focusing on my choice -sphere, the atmosphere, which is about the air in Xizhou. 

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Today as the second day of the three day hike.Today was an early start at 6:00. This did not help considering the fact that sleeping in a small tent with two other people makes it quite hard to sleep. After we packed up camp and moved all of our bags to the main area of the temple, we ate breakfast. After a quick break fast we packed out lunches and our bags and headed up the mountain.