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Lately, our evening activities have been within YangZhuoRan so the evening activities committee decided to switch it up a bit. They settled on a horse cart ride to the tongue of the lake. I was somewhat excited for this activity. So we then gathered at SiFangJie at 6:45 to begin the activity. 

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Today, WIPPIS Time was removed in favor of Phase Four work. Our Phase 3's were due yesterday, and as a result, field work stopped yesterday as well. From here on out, the majority of our Inquiry Project work will be very similar to a school presentation, wrapping things up and presenting them in a iMovie, Powerpoint, or some other communication medium. Phase Four was about taking the information we recieved from Phase Three and organizing it into a format that was presentable. We spent roughly two hours on it, then moved on to other WIPPIS related work.

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As the deadline for Service Learning is coming up, many of us are becoming more stressed about this. Therefore today, Kristen L. and I went to our potential Service Learning parter and interviewed him, to secure him as our partner. Our partner is a tailor, and each time we go and talk to him, he is always on his sewing machine. During today's interview, we learned that he can speak English, and that he is very knowledgable in general about the humanities.

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Today we went to Dali old town at night, where we ate dinner, and walked around and saw a lot of new things. 

Dali old town is the center of life in Kunming, where there is a lot of people, and shops. Me and my buddy Sara walked down the roads in Dali, and found a lot of good restaurants that we could eat in. We eventually came across a shop that had pizza and burgers.

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Today I went with Caleb to the morning market to look at fishes for his inquiry project. I have been to the morning market before but I never went and looked around closely. I followed Caleb around a corner where there were many fishers selling their fish. There were a lot of different types of fish. One fish that every fisher had was LiYu or Dali Fish. They had many different sizes for the fish, there were small ones, medium sized ones and big ones. 

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*Note: This journal is part of my SAS Essentials work for science.

For our science work here at Microcampus, we are supposed to observe two -speheres and create three earth journals about these topics. One is the hydrosphere, and another is our choice out of the atmosphere, biosphere or lithosphere. I chose the atmosphere, however this earth journal, the last of of the three, will be focused on the hydrosphere. This is about the water in Xizhou.

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Since we completed Phase 3- the information-collecting portion- of our inquiry projects yesterday, we all met in Classroom 1 today at 1:00 pm to work on the next phase- Phase 4, which is about making a plan and preparing to create our final products.

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Today, most of us boarded the bus at 5:45 headed "all the way" to Dali Old Town. In actuality, Dali Old Town is not that far away; a 30 minute bus ride, maximum. This is intended as a break from the busy work we have had, and finally being able to be a tourist in a tourist town. After Mr. Tafel has sufficiently cautioned us with stories of the misadventures of the other trip groups in Dali Old Town, we guardedly walked down the bus. Mr. Tafel then gave us a quick tour of the streets in Dali Old Town, then we were off to explore by ourselves.

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After the 5:45 meeting, those of us who have followed instructions, met expectations and kept up with work were permitted to go to Dali Old Town. After a bus ride of about 30 minutes, we arrived. 

Upon getting there, we could tell that this was a very different place compared to Xizhou. Several of us thought that it was pretty similar to Shanghai, with all the lights and people. There were sigificantly more tourists than there was in Xizhou- everything seemed to be made for the tourists.

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When talking about the hydrosphere, many things affect it. Living things are a main factor in it. Different lifestyles will affect the amount of water that is used each day. Here in Xizhou, an act that affects their hydrosphere is farming. Crops need a lot of clean water to grow. This is why a portion of the hydrosphere is dedicated to crops. Water from Lake Erhai is taken and used for crops. If the need for crops weren’t there, not as much water would be taken from the hydrosphere.

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The Xizhou night sky was clear and you could see the shining stars. Without adult supervision, only the stars looked after us.

Today for our evening activity, we rode the horse carts to the tongue of the lake. When the evening activity committee announced that this would be the plan, it sounded cool. Mr. T also had an announcement; he and Ms. Mai would not be accompanying us on our ride. When he told us that, I didn’t think it was a great idea. I was scared that something would happen, and someone would get hurt or do something stupid.  

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Here in Xizhou, it is much clearer as to where we get our water as well as major water sources. Back in Shanghai, most of us don’t realize where our hot shower water comes from or where the water from the sink comes from.

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For evening activity today, ten of us went out to Sifangjie to go on a horse cart ride. The cart was essentially made up of three benches, one in the front, middle, and back. The horse was harnessed in the front while the driver sat in the front, reining it. The middle and back were dedicated for the passengers to enjoy the ride. The seats were quite soft, and it is was surprisingly comfortable to sit on. However, the ride was a bit bumpy since the horse was riding up and down.

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I have decided to do this final earth journal on drinking water in Xizhou. I have learned that some of the drinking water in Xizhou comes from a treatment plant up in the mountains. Almost all the people who get their water from there boil their water before drinking it. Some people also get their water from a nearby well, and are very confident in its cleanliness.

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For our last journal assignment we are supposed to talk about hydrospheres.  I looked at this from three different perspectives, through water from mountains, water from Erhai, and water from wells.  

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Once again, this was a pretty ordinary day.  So I'm going to just talk about a few of my opinions on the village around me.  

My first thought on the dark night that first day that the 14 of would be calling home for 28 days was how confusing the alleys and winding streets were.  When I walked into my bedroom I got my first taste on how everything here was preserved and an attempt to bring back the past.  This was special to me because in a place like Shanghai, everyone's mind is on the future and moving forward, never taking a break to reflect on the past.  

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Today, while doing laundry, Isaac and I got locked in the laundry area, due to the mechanical failure of the lock in the door. We spent about twenty minutes trying to open the lock in various manners, before realizing that the case where the lock was held had an open bottom. I stuck my finger in, through the bottom of the lock box, and tried, unsuccessfully, to pick the lock with various fingers for the next five minutes. During this process, Isaac was making calls and looking for people to consult.

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Todays journal entry will be on the topic of the Hydrosphere in Xizhou, specifically rain shadowing. As mentioned in a previous post of mine the weather in Xizhou is amazing, there is a reason why.

Rain shadowing is when the mountains blocked the rain from coming. The mountains in Xizhou have perpetual clouds on top of them, however these clouds never seem to make it over the mountains. (To be continued)