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Today was when the full impact of all the work we had to do hit me. There are two very important things due on Monday: Our final product of our Inquiry Work (for teacher review), and all the footage for Service Learning. Although there was nothing really special about today, we were all very busy and trying to get most of our work done. However, we still had some down time to just enjoy being in XiZhou. 

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As you know, my work group has been struggling to find a Service Learning Partner. We had many options for service learning, but then, all on the same day, they all quit on us. My group was at a loss for what to do. That was, until we met Mr. Yang. 

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Today is Day 22, which means it is the start of our last week at Microcampus- week 4. It is also our last weekend here, as we are leaving next Friday. With the deadlines of the inquiry project and service learning coming up, many of us used today as a work day. SAS essentials also ended yesterday, allowing us more time to work on our work here. Since today was a Saturday, we were able to get more sleep and get up a bit later, as breakfast wouldn't end until 9:30. This made it a little more relaxed, however, we had more work to do as well.

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The final week is drawing closer and closer. So far we have spent 22 days here in Xizhou preparing for our inquiry project and service learning project. We are currently in the process of making our final inquiry presentation, which will be due Monday at 2:00pm. Our service learning video will be due on Tuesday and we will present our videos to our service learning partners the next day at 3:00pm. As Mr.T said, service learning is the hardest thing this trip, which is true in our case.

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Today marks the beginning of our last weekend in Xizhou. It seems as if, compared to the other weekends, this one will be more work-intensive, since many deadlines are coming up soon. These deadlines include Service Learning, Inquiry Projects, and more. As a result, most of the day is now devoted to these things, in addition to our mandatory Wellness and Pitching In.

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Today, since it is the weekend we get to sleep in. At 7:20, Caleb woke me up to tell me that we had to go to breakfast. I told him that breakfast started at 8:15 and I tried to go back to sleep. I got out of bed at 8:05 to go to breakfast. I was the first one there because everyone else was sleeping in. I was pretty happy about that because I could get the food once it comes out without having to fight over it.

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Today's Saturday, yay! However we do have some work to do. Again the boys woke up early today to eat all the good food before the girls got here, just like every weekend.  Then Mr.T and Bryce gave us a few tips for while we were out filming our service learning. At 10:00AM we were on our laptops typing,editing or creating.I finished a few things on my keynote and looked at my previous journals to check for errors.

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Today we started our final product for the inquiry project. Most of the group finished their introduction. In mine I talk about what microcampus was really all about, also I talked about the transition between Shanghai and Xizhou.Now we are all starting our movies, keynotes, 3D models and guides to being a fisherman in Xizhou.

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Yesterday during dinner I decided to fulfill the promise that I made to myself and order Ma La Tang. In English Ma La Tang is Numb Spicy Soup. I decided to get the soup despite the warnings from the shop owners. I picked out the different meats and veggies that I wanted and put them into a bowl. I sat back down at my table and waited. After a while the owners told us our food was ready. The Ma La Tang looked delicious so I started to eat. After my first bite I could already start to feel the burn. After two bites my mouth felt on fire but I could still hold it.

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This final earth journal will be about the Hydrosphere, and water affects in Xizhou. About 80% of the water people use here come from the lake close to Xizhou, Lake Erhai. The other part comes from other places, like the mountains, or underground sources. Because of global warming, the ice and snow on top of the mountains has decreased in levels, and also the amount of water in general.

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Our evening activity tonight was a horse cart ride to the tounge of lake er-hai. We walked down to Sifang-Jie, while we waited for the drivers to get there. Some people stayed behind, but the rest of us went on the ride. It was 6:30 when they arrived, and we had already been seperated into groups. I was with Cynthia, Diego, and a few other peole. We climbed in, Diego and I in the back. The cart was tipped far back, it seemed like we could fall off at any moment. The others got in the front, we waited for some of the people who were late, then off we went.

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Today for evening activity, we went to er hai. Only a group of us went, because not everyone wanted to go and some people had to do some work. 

Mr. T and Ms. Mai did not join us on this trip, because they think that we are responsible enough to handle ourselves, and we had to prove to them that we can handle ourselves on the trip.

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Today, we are required to write about the hydrosphere in XiZhou. Obviously, the hydrosphere is a very broad topic, which is why I am going to focus on Lake Erhai in XiZhou. Lake Erhai plays a huge role in both the human and the natural part of XiZhou. For instance, the side of the mountain facing Lake Erhai has completely different vegetation than the other side facing away from Lake Erhai.

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Today some people went to Dali old town, and a few others stayed behind, like Noam and I since we had injuries. As the other people left, we followed behind them to head to Sifang Jie. As we walked to the square, we talked about our Inquiry projects, and debated on what we were going to eat. I did not care, as I was extremely hungry, and I was in the mood for anything. We finally decided on getting some Won Tons. We ordered, then chose a table to sit at. We sat down got comfortable, and waited for our food. When the food was ready, the chef called us up to grab our food.

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Last night, we went on a horse cart ride to the tounge of the lake, as I had planned as apart of the evening planning activity. The ride was about a half an hour, and I enjoyed watching the scenery as we went by. After we got to the tougne there was almost no light left in the sky and stars were beginning to appear. After establishing some baseline rules, a few people split off to have some still time or a quiet talk with friends. I initally stayed with the group, talking about things like service learning and inquiry projects.