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A few days ago a few of the boys were playing with Bryce's hacky sacks, however somehow Max got it onto the roof. Today Mr.T built a contraption to go get the hacky sack. He tied a shoe to a cord which he then threw onto the roof to try and get the hacky sack. Nonetheless that did not work out. so We were forced to ask a guard to get on the roof somehow. 

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Today, our inquiry projects are due. If you have not seen my inquiry project, you can see my final product here. You can see the rest of my groups projects here. My topic is on antiques. I think that working on the inquiry project was important for me in many different aspects. I learned not to procastinate and to take time on projects so that I do it well. I also learned that every intruction Mr. T and Ms.

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Tonight was a night in which Mr. T told us to chill, rest and not do any work. So Max, Sean, and I decided to go to sifangjie and play catch. We asked Mr. Tafel if we were aloud to go and Mr. Tafel said okay. When we got there we formed a triangle and started passing the ball around. I went under the big arch and stood there while Max and Sean were standing in the square. At one point we tried to pass it around as fast as possible however we kept on dropping it.

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Today was another big inquiry work day.  In the morning, our room woke up drearily after a late night from watching the meteor shower, I found out that I had crawled into my sleeping bag during the night.  After a late breakfast, we got straight to work.  I decided that it was far too cold outside, so I brought my sleeping back up and was nestled comfortably in while doing my Wellness reflection.  

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Today I completed the reflection and video for my inquiry project. After submitting it for review with Mr.T, I tweaked some things and uploaded the video. This means after weeks of work and research, my entire project is now complete, which takes a load off my shoulder. You can see the final product by clicking here. Service learning filming ended today at noon as well. Our service learning projects are due tomorrow- and we have been working on that as well.

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As today is again primarily a work day, we were all looking for a long lunch. I ate with Alexis, Noam, and Kelly. Kelly Noam and I had to film our Daily Video Shout Out for today, so after we finished eating Alexis agreed to help us o film. After we had gotten through some serious filming, and a lot more bloopers, we set off for an adventure in the Muslim district of town. We first strolled past the Xizhou baba stand on the left of the street and watched them make baba for a little bit. After that we continued down the street.

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The Inquiry Project is like the three day hike. After the first few days of hard continuous “uphill” work, we get to relax at the top and enjoy the view.

Today is the last day for our Inquiry Project. We had to have Mr. T review our final product, so we had to actually have our product done. Yesterday was a productive day for me, and after some editing, I was ready. When I had my review with Mr. T, he gave me a few minor things to change.

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We are almost done. We are almost there.

Today was the second day for working on our Inquiry Project. I got a lot done during this time, more than yesterday. The stress from our Inquiry work isn’t as strong as before, as most of our project should be done by now.

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At 12:00 at night, I woke up to watch a meteor shower that was supposed to happen. I woke up, put some layers on and walked over to the terrace. When I got there, Hannah was the only person up there, so I got a chair and just gazed at the sky. Soon enough, I saw a shooting star, then more and more. Other people also started to come up to watch. After awhile, Mr. T came out and told us about the stars in the sky that we usually cannot see at eight or nine. It was a really cool experience, especially since I have not seen a meteor shower before.

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In my previous journal, I talked about how our service learning partner was unable to participate in our video because he was in a hospital due to a sickness. After, hours of going around to our different options we finally hit home when we met Mr.Yang, a man who sells clothe in a small store along the way to the bank. He is very friendly and eager to participate in our video. We got our first filming in today. Our group is finally rejuvenated.

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I set an alarm for midnight, and I fell straight to sleep. At 11:45 I woke up, and I looked at my clock. I was early, but I decided to head out there anyway. I put on a thermal, a hoodie, sweats, and I brought my sleeping bag with me. I climbed up the stairs, barefoot, and I tip toed along the walkway. I got outside then I looked up at the stars. There was so many stars, a huge amount, only a couple inches away from eachother. (or so it seemed.) I sat down and I climbed into the sleeping bag.

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Like before, this day was dedicated to finishing up Inquiry Projects since the due date is Monday. 

In the morning, I woke up earlier than usual on weekends with Kristen L. and Cynthia, so that we could squeeze in a bit more work time. We had a hearty breakfast before heading upstairs, our minds already switched to work mode. Our main focus was the inquiry project as it's already due tomorrow. 

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Today was a big day for Inquiry work.  All of us had finished our research time, and it was time for us to start working on our final product.  To get some peace and quiet, Katie, Kristen F, Kristen L, and I went to this backpacker cafe that Mr. T recommended.  For the first few hours it was really peaceful and the change of scenery really helped me focus.  But after that, I started getting tense and a little bit jittery because we were supposed to be spending the whole 5 hours of work on this and I couldn’t stay focused on that one thing for that extended period of time.
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I am guessing that you would assume that today would be a very chill day, as it is our last weekend here, but you are wrong. As our Inquiry Projects are due for a first review tomorrow at 2:00, and our Service Learning projects are due on Tuesday, we were all pretty busy. I slept in as late as I could and still eat breakfast, then completed my wellness reflection for Week 3. After that was done, I watched Mr. T attempt to get the hacky-sack off the roof for about a half an hour. Then, I finally settled in to work on my Inquiry Project. 

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Today, Sara and I went in search of the Muslim mosque, QingZhenSi. Because I have been to the mosque at least three times, I thought that I would know the route somewhat well. However, we ended up going in a cirlcle and getting lost. Actually, we were never really lost, from past experience, I learned that in XiZhou, everything leads everywhere. Also, the people here are extremely welcoming, so I could always ask for directions.

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Today was another big day of work. Kelly, Caleb and I managed to get a large portion of our service learning footage, which was good because the person we thought was going to be our partner had gone off to Dali. We were able to talk to Mr.Yang, an 72-year-old man who sells clothing, and we were able to ask him some questions about his current and past life and film him. 

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As the minutes go by, so to the days. The numbered days decrease and due dates approach.

We are now working on our final stage of our Inquiry work. We are in the process of creating our final product. We are also doing our Service Learning alongside the Inquiry Project. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little stressed about these projects. Even when you keep up with your work, things can still be a bit nerve racking.