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Today was the last full day to finish all our work. It took me about 3 hours to upload my Inquiry Project onto the video portal, because the file was too big. So I had to screen shot all my photos so that the video wouldn't be so high quality, and the file size would decrease.

I did that for about 3 hours and then started to work on my reflection. The reflection took about 1 hour, and then I had to upload my service learning video. I had to catch up in all my journal posts, and I had to do laundry today.

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I woke up knowing that I had a lot of work to do.  When I found out from my groupmates that I was in charge of not only editing the video, but also translating the text.  During the whole morning I felt like my head was going to explode.  

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At 7:00PM today all the boys met in the TV room with their sleeping bags for their night in. We had planned a sleepover in the TV room.  WE set up a movie and made a comfy space to sleep. I uploaded my inquiry project up to the Microcampus website and then relaxed to watch the movie. We spent some time on our laptops and went to sleep at about 10:30PM, even the girls were jealous when they got back from their night out. We also hung out with Bryce however, he rejected our offer to sleep with us in the TV room. We had a great time and it was a fun time to relax. 

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Today was our final day for inquiry. We finished up our projects and showed them to Mr.T in the afternoon for a review. We then did some final adjustments and finished our reflections, then it was time to post. We changed our inquiry project state to request teacher review. 4 people of our group also spent endless hours to make our service learning videos perfect. I would like to thank Kristen F. for adding subtitles and editing our video.

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Tonight is the girl's night out, which means that it is boy's night in! Earlier, Mr. T called a meeting between us and asked us what we wanted to do. There were many different ideas that we came up with. We thought of a video games night, a movie night, making a fort and more. We decided to have a movie night and watch Austin Powers. We also made a rule that we can have our computers out if we want to use them. Our plan is to bring our sleeping bags up there at 7:00 and camp out in there for the night. 

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The evening activities committee decided to have a girls night out and a guys night in. As a result the guys unanimously voted to watch a movie and sleep in the TV room with our sleeping bags. For the most of the night we were on our computers while watching a movie. We finally went to sleep around 10:00 pm. I slept well although I was laying on the ground. Luckily, I had my sleeping mat, which was comforting. Generally, the night was a way to loosen up after working and finishing on our inquiry projects and service learning.

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These past few days some of us have been drowning. And now we can come up for air.

Today we have been working on our Service Learning. Because the main people working on the project are those who cam speak Chinese, the workload falls mainly on a few people’s shoulders. In my group, Katie definitely did the most work, and she was really stressed out. After she had finished the main editing, we had a review with Mr. T who gave us a few things to tweak. Katie wanted to jump right into working again, but Mr. T told us to take a small break.

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The past few days have been really stressful, because it is the last week of microcampus, which means inquiry project, service learning are at a deadline soon. 

Eventually, we found a new service learning partner, his name is Mr. Yang, and he sells clothes. He lives closer to us than Mr. Li who is in the hospital, which is convienient. But when we ask him question quesitons relating to the cultural revolution, or chairman Mao, he says he doesn't know anything about that, and doesn't answer.

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Today was the due date for our Inquiry Projects. Also, this was the day all of our Service Learning was due. Several of us were extremely stressed because of these due dates. Unfortunately, I was one of these people. Due to the fact that I am one of the only Chinese speakers in my Service Learning group, I went to interview our Service Learning partner for one last time. 

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For evening activity tonight, it was Girls Night Out, Boys Night In. 

The girls met at the courtyard at 7:15 to get together before heading out. We first went to a small convenience store to stock up on snacks for the rest of the night. Since I already had a chocolate bar, I decided to just buy a drink. The night time in Xizhou was quite different than the one I'm used to back in Shanghai. Most stores were already closed when we were walking by, although there were some old ladies who were dancing in the middle of the playground. 

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Today we worked on wrapping up all our work- those of us who were unable to upload their video yesterday managed to get it up today, so most if not all of our inquiry projects should be done by now- you can see all of ours by clicking here, and mine by clicking here. After a review and some suggestions from Mr.T, we tweaked some things in our service learning videos and uploaded them- after doing so much work on the editing and the translating, we

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Although the title says that we were relaxing, that was only after all of the work was done. We stated with finishing our Inquiry Projects, and then we did service learning. We had to meet with Mr T and a native Chinese speaker. I did have some breaks, where I took several naps. I had a very productive day, I did all of my work, and I even got to relax a little bit. If you would like, you can visit my Final Product. You will see my work, and also my video!

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Today, Inquiry work was due. At two, Mr. T started with the reviewing of the Sharing My Learning Portion of our Inquiry Projects. Up until then, most people were still recording voiceovers, writing reflections, or citing sources. After reviewing with Mr. T, I realized that there were many things that could be easily fixed within my video. For all of the changes to be made, it took about one and a half hours.

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Today, the Jailbreak group finally finished their inquiry projects. After months of preparation and work, the videos and powerpoints are done and ready to be shared. Along with the end of inquiry project, service learning filming finished by noon. This is so that we have enough time to edit it today and tomorrow, where it is due by 10 AM. 

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Today was a very frustrating day.

Yesterday when we went out in search for our service learning partner, he wasn't there, and his neighbour said that he was in the hospital and that he was sick, but then when we went to ask his neighbour today, she said that he was in Dali Old Town. We were very confused, and frustrated, so we said thank you and left. 

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Because our final products for our inquiry projects were due today we all were focused and completed our projects in time. You can see my final product here. After a review from Mr.T I had to tweak a few things here and there, but otherwise it was fine. It feels great to finally be finished with our projects and I am satisfied with my work. I know that I have worked hard and learned so much that I will not be able to learn anywhere else.

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Today we slept in late because it was a weekend, but we still had to wake up for breakfast. After breakfast we worked on our inquiry for the whole day.

It was a very productive day for everyone, because our inquiry projects are due on monday, so we only had 2 whole days to work on them. When I was putting my iMovie together, I realized that I did not have enough pictures to put in, and I just resued some pictures because of my lack of pictures. 

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This entire trip, the weather here has been impecable. Every day has been sunny and not very cold. We have our daily meeting in the sun and soak it all up. Today, something strange happened, the sun did not come. By the time the daily meeting came around, everyone was astonished at the lack of sun. We did not know what to do. We still had our daily meeting outside, as if it was sunny. During lunch, the sun came out for about 1 minute, and we all ran to bask in it.