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Day 1 was a day full of much sitting, many bathroom breaks, and even more bonding. As soon as I walked into the Microcampus meeting spot at 5:15 am, I could feel the nervous excitement. It was buzzing from person to person with each connection and realization that we made. As Mr.T "encouraged" parents to let us organize and take care of our bags on our own, we could all suddenly grasp what this month is going to be like. We would be responsible for more than we had in our entire lives.

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I woke up to the news that today I was on dish duty. So after breakfast and washing 14 dirty dishes, cups, and utensils we went on a tour of Xizhou. We visited the market where we saw chicken guts, vegetables and fish. After that we went to the bank where we tried to exchange our money but couldn't because the bank didn't have change. Then we went to SiFangJie for lunch in where I ate a pizza-like bread. Then we came back and talked about wellness and after that we talked about our inquiry work. Since Caleb, Noam, and I finished our inquiry work we had 1 hour of downtime.

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Today I woke up at 4:00 in the morning to ride a taxi to the Shanghai Pudong Airport. After we all gathered up we took some photos,  and said our goodbyes, we left the parents and started checking in our baggage. We made our way through security and eventually got onto the plain. The flight was delayed by 55 min. I sat in between Noam and Alexis. We watched a movie and played cards and eventually we landed in Kunming Airport. After that it was a take-away lunch from KFC and then a 6 hour long bus ride to Xizhou and where we were staying for 28 days.

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Today we took a 6 hour long bus ride from the Kunming airport to Xizhou. I found this bus ride very tedious because I am not very good at staying still, but we had many distractions. Mr. T gave us many facts about the geology and history of the scenery around us. We also had our phones and computers with us so we could use them for entertainment. We took two bathroom breaks at these small gas stations along the way. Even though the bus ride was pretty boring, the scenery that surrounded us was amazing and I can not wait until still time so I can enjoy more of the beautiful scenery. 

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The lock-in started at 3:00 pm in Mr. Fumi's room where Mrs. Regan came in and discussed the 3 aspects of wellness, which were physical, social and spiritual. We then brainstormed ideas of how we can apply these aspects in Xizhou. After this ended Nurse Chen came in to discuss the topic of medication and injuries. She informed us about the process they use to handle any injuries or sicknesses. Next, we ordered pizza with several difficulties but eventually got the order we wanted.

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On November 14, 2014, all of the students from the J group (except the people in MUN) met up as a group to spend a night together, this was the lock in. At 3:00pm we met in Mr.Fumis room.We then had a few meetings with Ms.Chen (school nurse) and Ms.Regan (school counselor). After talking about our physical health and mental health we decided to order dinner.

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Two days ago, (November 14, 2014) the Microcampus J group convened in Mr. Fumi's room at 3:00. I was slightly late, along with the two other Microcampus students in Jazz Band, due to a SHASMUN performance that we had rushed back from. As soon as we came back, we started on checking backpacks, and Mrs. Regan came in. She began discussing three aspects of health with us- spiritual, emotional, and social health. This section of the lock-in concluded with brainstorming ways to maintain these three types of health while away on Microcampus.

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On November 14, 2014, all the students of the J group (except the people in MUN) met at Mr.Fumi's room at 3:00 to begin the lock-in. First, our counselor Mrs.Regan and nurse Ms.Chen came to talk to us about emotional, social, spiritual and physical health and how we can establish and maintain these during the 28 days we are at Xizhou. Then we had to order our own dinner (Pizza from Papa John's), which ended up being more of a challenge than we all expected.

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The lock in was a unique combination of educational and entertaining that can only be expected from a Microcampus activity. We started with presentations from Mrs. Regan and Nurse Chen. We then ordered our pizza. This may sound simple but a lot of decisions were involved. We had to decide how many pizzas to get. We also had to calculate the budget and decide on toppings. On top of all of this, we had to effectively order without them thinking that it was a prank call. After everything was set to be delivered at 6:15. Mr. Tafel took us through the daily routine.

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I have now offically started my Microcampus work. For me that sentence means many things. It means that I am now an active Microcampus student, something that I have been anticipating for awhile. It also means that all of my friends that have gone on previous trips and throwing advice at me from every which way. In addition, I'm getting questions from my friends going on future trips. Most importantly, I have begun to feel a sence of community with the peers that I will be traveling with.

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Today, I have started working on Phase 0 of my inquiry project- Topic exploration and selection. Click here to see my work. There is still 1 month or so until we leave for Xizhou, but I am really excited for it. I followed the journals of the ignite group during their trip, and they seemed to enjoy it. When they came back last week, I could tell they really did.

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Today, I officially started working on the pre-Microcampus assignments. Although Microcampus is still about a month away, I'm already anticipating the start of the trip. The October group, Ignite, came back last week, and they all seemed to really enjoy the whole experience. Judging from the inquiry projects that they presented when they came back, I can tell they really did some in-depth research and learning about their topics during their time there. One thing I'm excited to do in Xizhou is interact with the locals and interview them about my inquiry project.