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When I first heard of microcampus, I was in the 7th grade, some of my friends have already signed up for next years trip, whilst I was still figuring out what it was. I have gone to many different people to fine more information about microcampus, previous students who went seemed to have a better idea of it, and gave me lots of encouragement and advice if I ever decided to join.

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Microcampus is over, and with it, my experience in this village. One of the required questions in the Microcampus application went along the lines of: "Why do you want to go to Microcampus?" In response, I answered something along the lines of: "I would like to experience the village, and I believe it will make me a better person." After four weeks, I believe that the answer will vary significantly from that which I initially answered.

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Today is our last full day! I am so sad! I do not want to leave!

Today I am saying all my goodbyes to the locals, the Linden family, the Linden Centre, the dog Nala, the chaperones, the staffs, the students, Yang Zhuo Ran, the floors, the rooms, the food,my bed, the dining hall, the cheese factory, the food, Si Fang Jie, Dali Old Town, Lake Er Hai, the air quality, the mountains, the food, the laundry place, the sunny spot that always hits Yang Zhuo Ran, the TV room, my room, the heaters, the food, etc.... 

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Today we had our service learning presentations. It was raining unfortunately, and we only got to bring one umbrella, because we did not bring any umbrellas.

When we went to pick up our service learning partner it was raining and there were puddles everywhere, it was quite a journey to our service learning partner's house. 

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I thought I was coming to Microcampus for many reasons. To discover a new culture, and to step outside of the bubble etc. Microcampus was much more than that. I experienced so many things and I also learnt a lot about myself. I learnt some strengths and weaknesses that I have, and also what I am extremly bad at. I have made some small mistakes, and also some big ones. Thorugh that I have realized the extreme levels of procrastination that I have, and also sometimes I have an inability to follow rules.

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At the end of 7th grade when we were given a presentation about microcampus I was not interested in coming at all. Then in 8th grade I was contemplating whether to come to microcampus. I finally decided to come because I realized what an oppurtunity it was that I did not want to miss. I knew most other schools probably do not have a program like microcampus. 

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Since, today is our last full day we are going to use the time to pack up, say our final goodbyes and do any last things that we wish too. Today I headed down with Noam to Mr. Yang, the cormorant fisher, to give a picture that we took when we were on Lake Erhai and say my final goodbye. I am grateful that we will be returning to Shanghai only to begin winter break. I will use that time to rest and catch up on any missing assignments from school. 

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I will be talking about why I came to microcampus. Before the trip, my reasons for coming to microcampus were to experience outside of the bubble and being more independent. These were pretty valid reasons but after coming to microcampus, I realized why I came. 

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Today is the last day. Instead of writing about what I did today I will be writing more about why I came on this Microcampus Trip. Before I came on this trip I wanted to come was because I wanted to experience the clean air. But also I wanted to be more independent and experience what life is like outside of the bubble. After coming on this trip I realized that all these reasons are true but I also came on this trip to learn about being aware of my surroundings and thinking twice before taking action. Not only that but I also learned about leading from behind.

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At first when CynthiaKelly and I went to pick Mr. Yang up at his shop he did not want to go out due to the rain, jut like Mr.T expected. We did bring our own umbrella for him. He eventually agreed to come out and brought out his own giant umbrella. From there we trudged back to YangZhuoRan in the light drizzle.

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When I was applying for Microcampus all that time ago, I had a few reasons why I wanted to go to Microcampus. I had wanted to be independent and interact with the locals. I also remember saying I wanted to see how privileged I was and appreciate what I have. These were some reasons why I wanted to Microcampus before hand.

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Today was the last full day of our Microcampus group trip. We spent most of the time today packing up, saying goodbye, and getting ready to go.

Since today was the last day with a daily meeting I decided to volunteer and be the facilitator for the meeting.

After the daily meeting Max and I went to grab the laundry.

After that I got to work finishing up reflections and journal posts that I did not do.

Then Sean and I went to the Linden Centre to return our books and also return the DVDs that we borrowed.

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Today was Service Learning Presentations. Several hours before, I realized that when the video exported, it had not added the edits that we had made. Alexis and I spent about an hour trying ot fix it through the edit mode in iMovie 10.0.5, but we ended up taking a screen capture of the video, cutting it up, and copy-pasting the audio files.

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Today, since Inquiry work was out of the way, the main focus was Service Learning. Thankfully, in our group, Alexis had already edited the majority of the video, and all that was left was subtitling. Unfortunately, our Service Learning Partner had a thick accent, and it took near forever to finish subtitling, and cutting the parts that we couldn't make out. FInally, we finished, and submitted our project for review at 2 PM. First, we reviewed the Chinese subtitles with Evy, a native Chinese speaker. Afterwards, we reviewed the video (with subtitles corrected) with Mr.

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Today we had our service learning presentations. At 2:40 my group escorted Mr. Yang from his house to Yangzhouran. When we arrived it turned out that he was friend with Mr. Zhao and two other service learning partners. I gave him the USB that he wanted and and orange. When our project started to play everything went silent. My group and I watched Mr. Yang watch our movie. I could not really tell if he like our clip or not. He did speak 2 or 3 times throughout the showing, however I did not understand what he said. At one point he looked kind of sad but it was extremely hard to tell.

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Some may recall, I have had a post about why I think I came to Microcampus. However, after I have attended this amazing program, I realize that some of these reasons differ from the reasons that I originally thought that they would be.

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For my last journal post, it will be about why I came to Microcampus. 

In the beginning, Microcampus was what I thought would be a fun learning experience. However, I did not realize that it is much more than just fun. Microcampus is about engaging in and understanding a whole community of people, and, through that process, learning both about yourself as well as Xizhou. 

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Before leaving for Microcampus we were asked to think about why we wanted to go to Microcampus. This was also a part of the application proces. Now we are asked to reflect on why we came to Microcampus. From when I applied to Microcampus about three months to about five weeks ago at the lock in. However, this was not a significant change as I had not been to Xizhou. At the lock in, I said that I was going to Microcampus because I wanted to prove that I was responsible enough to handle this experience and I felt like I had not been given that oppertunity in the past.