Jailbreak - Service Learning

What is Service Learning?

During their time in Xizhou, Microcampus students will be involved in student-directed, authentic Service Learning experience. As is the case with the Inquiry Project, students will gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their new community, and society as they apply academic, social, and personal skills to show their appreciation to the village of Xizhou. In addition, students will be required to take initiative, solve problems, work as a team, and demonstrate their skills while interacting with the local community.

The Microcampus service learning is called Voices of the Village, in which students contribute to and ongoing project to preserve the oral history of the active elders of Xizhou. Through their interactions with these active elders, Microcampus students will investigate “big ideas” such as:

  •   life lessons
  •   how communities care for their older populations
  •   how to stay healthy in body and mind
  •   the joy of living
  •   history related through personal experience and knowledge
  •   mutually beneficial relationships that can be achieved between people of different ages

The final product includes a short video featuring students' Service Learning partners, which include English and Chinese subtitles. The public sharing of the final videos with the Xizhou community promises to be a highlight of the experience for Microcampus participants and their teachers. A collection of previous videos can be found here.