Phase 0: Getting Started: Topic Exploration and Selection

Updated 5 years 3 months ago

The topic that I selected for my inquiry project is textiles. It first stood out to me because I recently traveled to India where fabric and color is a big part of the culture. I have also had the opportunity to visit many other countries with diverse textiles, which has inspired me to investigate the fabric culture in Xizhou. An important part of understanding an area's textiles is knowing how they are produced. The process can be very informative and interesting, so it is my goal to thoroughly research each step.

The easiest way for me to gain information on my topic would be to ask someone, perhaps from the Linden Center, questions. However, I do not believe that I will get the best understanding or the most accurate information by doing this. Therefore, I would like to speak with the actual producers of the textiles and experience the process as part of my research. While this will help me gain better knowledge of my topic, it will also allow me to take a look at the lives of the people in the industry.

I am an alumnus of the Microcampus program. I visited Xizhou with 10 other students in March of 2012 as part of the pilot, Group A! I am now 16 years old and attending high school in the United States as a junior. I was first interested in Microcampus because of the amazing travel and environment experience it offers. My time in Yunnan has inspired me to join other unique team programs throughout high school, such as Odyssey of the Mind and the FIRST Robotics Competition. In all the years it's been since I left Xizhou, I still haven't seen grass so green or a night sky with so many stars!