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Today was our last full day here in Xizhou.  This morning we worked on completing needed tasks and working on our Wellness Reflections. After our last daily meeting we went out for lunch.  I ate at my favorite noodle place and also enjoyed some spicy potatoes. After lunch we filmed our last Daily Video Shout-out.  It was really nice to say goodbye as a group.  Also, tonight was the ‘Jammies’, the Microcampus equivalent of the Grammies! I won a couple awards and it was so much fun!

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Today was our final full day in microcampus, and I cannot believe tomorrow we will be getting on a bus and leaving XiZhou! Today we packed our bags and finished up some work before we left. Then after dinner and our final room inspection, we had the Jammie Awards! For the Jammies, everyone gathered in the TV room wearing their most fashionable pajamas and we were given different awards for different subjects. Jing-Rong even had a special surprise for our final day here, and not to mention Mr. T's birthday.

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Today was a night of glamour, a night of appreciation, and a night of celebration. After 27 days of none stop work and play, the biggest and most important event in the whole of microcampus had arrived. We started by gathering together in the TV room and singing a happy birthday song to Mr. T. Earlier this week I had prepared a dessert to share to the rest of the group. The dessert started with a crushed oreo base, than white chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate cake, and finally some ice cream to top it off. It was after all a night of glamour.

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When I came to Microcampus, I came with the idea that it was going to very easy. I was completely wrong with that. Microcampus was probably the hardest, but best thing that has ever happened to me. I learned so much about Bai Minority Music. I not only learned a lot about music, but I also learned a lot about life and myself.

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Today, unfortunately is our last day here in Xizhou :( We just completed pretty much everything. That included editing the Service Learning video, writing our Day 27 and 28 journals and packing, what I'm least looking forward to. I still can't believe we are leaving tomorrow morning. I feels as if we just arrived in Xizhou the night before. Since today was our last day here in Xizhou, we decided to end it with a Jammie's Award night! It was awesome! I had a ton of fun with our awesome host, Mr. T.

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Today we had the Jammie awards. The Jammie awards are a pun on the Grammy Awards. We all one at least one award. I won two awards. One of them was the most improved hack sacker. The other was the best hiker on the hike. We all had to present acceptance speeches when we won an award. I just thanked my family and friends. The orchestra played when the acceptance speeches got to long. This only happened a few times. Overall, the Jammie awards were very fun.


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I first heard about Microcampus when I was in seventh grade from some of my eighth grade friends.  When I heard what it was I was surprised that middle schoolers could stay away from their families for a month.

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I wanted to come to Microcampus because of the bubble. The bubble contains us all in Shanghai and bursting it by going to a village far away was such a crazy and brilliant idea. This would completely change my life for a month and I really liked the idea of that. I have always been fine with change. Through all of the times I have moved all over the world they have all changed my life. Another reason I left for Microcampus is that it would chage the way I look at things for the rest of my life. 

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Today was a sad day, getting things all good to go, as well as packing. I read through the checklist, and then followed through. Other than the checklist, everything was, well, same, although with a different atmosphere. Everybody were taking pictures around the center, as well as telling the villagers that we would be leaving tomorrow.

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Day 28 is the last day. Today, I will be writing about why I came to Microcampus. First of all, my intentions for going to Microcampus was a bit incorrect at first. I thought it would be fun to be living together with some of my friends for 28 days, however, Graham, an alumni told me that that should not be the reason why I came. So, the reasons that I had decided to go to Microcampus afterwards were different. I came to Microcampus, because I knew that it would be a very fun and productive experience.

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Today was the our last full day in Xizhou. Today we did a lot of reflections on what we have been doing in Xizhou like wellness and service learning. We did a lot of work and wrapped up a lot of memroies of life here in Xizhou. We made our goodbyes and took a last walk around the village. The fact that we are leaving tomorrow is heartbreaking but I accomplished so much here that I can't be too sad. The month here has been one of the hardest ones of my life and one of the best.

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The past 28 days have truly been an experience I will never forget. There are so many words to describe what I did after the experience, I barely know where to start. It's important to reflect on the things that have happened, but also equally as important to reflect on why I came to Microcampus.

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Before I came to Microcampus, I thought it was just like any other School Trip. Just, it was 28 days long and we had to work on a project that related to the village along with connecting with locals. After experiencing the whole trip, I found out it was about so much more. Microcampus really focused on the aspect of new experiences, which you do not get often unless your going on an African Safari for Spring Break.

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I came to Microcampus to experience something new and become a little more independent. I also heard from alumni that Microcapus was a great experience and a really fun program. I'll admit, going in I didn't expect it to be as much work as it was and at certain points I got stressed since I can be disorganized from time to time. I came to Microcampus to meet new people and to learn more, not just my topic, but also myself. I feel like since coming here I have changed for the better.

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Day 27 of Microcampus was all about saying goodbyes, finishing the last bits of your work / journal entries, and packing are bags for returning to Shanghai. All of the various Xizhou local shop owners told Ben and I, who I was walking around with, to come back. I really want to and my family also says that they want to come see Xizhou too. Packing only took an hour or so. Everyone had to weigh their bags to make sure it was under 20kg, or you will have to pay extra for heavy baggage at the airport.

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There are no words that could possibly describe how sensational and positively stupefying this experience is. I left with the intentions to get out of my bubble, experience new things, to grow, and to make new connections. The first time I heard about about this trip I knew right away that I would do anything I could in order to be apart of this trip. I wanted to get away, to a place where I could grow as a person. 

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Today will be the last day spent in Room 3 of courtyard 2 of the Linden Centre in the village of Xizhou in the province of Yunnan in the country of China apart of the continent of Asian in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy apart of the Universe in space. Saying that just reminds me of the many stars in the sky. Once we depart for Shanghai, it'll be a while until my family and I set out for here agian. Today we begin our packing for the early departure tomorrow.

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Our day 26 blog of Microcampus is about what happened when we showed our Service Learning partner the video me made about him or her.Our service learning partner, Hang Nai Nai, was very happy to see the video we made of her. She sat quitely through most of the video except for laughing or smiling at some spots. At the end of it, she said that she liked it very much, and that she wanted to keep in contact with us once we left to Shanghai.