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Today at 3:00, all of us met up with our Service Learning partners to show them our videos on the big screen. I saw everybody's partners walking into Yang Zhuo Ran with the assistance of my classmates. Earlier this morning, Miranda called our partner and he said that he was planting trees today. Chuli and I ran to the mosque to try to persuade him to come see the video. We asked someone where he was, and he replied that he was at home relaxing. That to me was very frustrating because after all our hard work, he didn't want to see the video.

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Fresh water, worldwide, is a scarce resource and an essential to all life yet 97% is unsafe to drink. We are fortunate enough to have clean water available to us but much of the water around the world  is spread unevenly. Xizhou is under a rain shadow resulting in a lack of rainfall. There was a period of time in Xizhou's history when there was conflict over water from Lake Erhai. Villagers would turn on each other in order to get water.

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The impact that ethno tourism has on the bai culture, is easy to tell. This impact, has forced Bai people, to dress up in the way that they would for dances and special occasions, all the time. This because a movie was once produced called Five Golden Flowers, which was meant to show off Xizhou's great culture, but it ended up giving people the wrong view of Xizhou. Tourists then came to Xizhou, because in the movie they had watched, everyone seemed to be dancing, and singing happily.

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Today we presented our Service learning, First we brought our Service learning partner to Yang Zhou Ran. There were many guests as the whole Classroom 2 was packed with all the people. Mr Tafel gave a speech genourusly translated by XIaoTang. We proceeded to watch the videos as well as Mr Yang's our special guest. We then left and the party was dispursed.


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Tonight, sadly, was our last night it Xizhou, and we had the Jammie Awards, were we all went in Classroom 2 to view a powerpoint presentation. The Jammies, is like the Grammies, accept we all wear our pajamas. Some of the awards for the Jammies are, Mr. and Ms. Inquiry, Mr. and Ms. Microcampus, Dirty Sock , the Tough It Out award, Stepping Up, Photo Bomb, Toughest Day, Best Dancer, Best Pun, and more. As the Jammies went on, I was awarded best photo bomber, best hugger, e.t.c. As we won an award, we went up to the front of the room and gave a 'speech'.

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Everyone knows that Grammies but how about the world famous Jammies? Tonight we hosted the Jammy award ceremony in one of the rooms of YZR. The Jammies award night was filled with laughter as people made jokes, gave speeches and just celebrated. A lot of comfort food was downed as the night progressed. The awards were of a wide vareity ranging from dirtiest rooms to the cleanest rooms, those who would always help etc. A lot of laughter was produced when people gave speeches to express their thanks. The orchestra was pretty quick to respond when people's speeches became too long.

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Today we had the jammie's!!!!!! It is pretty much the grammies but in a pun. Anyways we had a bunch of awards, and I one a few. Those few were: Step Up award, dirty sock award, best mathmatician award and nt to brag: MR. MICROCAMPUS! I was happy and I had bragging rights for the whole night. Even though I did not get the most awards, I was still happy to win some. It was a short and fun night and can't wait to do something like it again!

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This is the day we had the Jammies. Theese consist of many contests, some might be best dancer while others are Mr Microcampus and Mr Inquiry. Overall the night was a pretty good night as it was full of hapiness and laughter. I thought this was a good thing to end microcampus with.

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Tonight was the Jammies! The Jammies are like the Grammys but with Jammies!! We all gathered in Classroom 1 for the event. We wore our PJs, brought comfort food, and flashlights. Some examples of the awards were: Golden Flower, Golden Broom, Dirty Sock, Best Photo Bomb, Mr. Microcampus, Ms. Microcampus, and Best Dancer. Everyone won an award and made an acceptance speech. It was really fun! I am really sad that we are leaving tomorrow, but this trip was amazing.

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Today was your 23(st) Microcampus Jammie Awards. After the beautiful (but last) sunset at the Linden Centre, we all came back to YZR, changed into our pajamas, and walked the "red carpet" to the TV room. We all waited for Mr. T to project the powerpoint onto the TV, but he had some technical dificulties. At the end, we moved to classroom 2 for our Jammie Awards.

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I think that I could say that today was a sad day for all of us. I have grown to deeply love Xizhou, and now I have to say farewell! It's not fair. I am going to miss the clean air, which you can't find in Shanghai, and I'm going to miss the blue skies during the day and the beautiful stars at night, that also will not be visible in Shanghai. We had to finish packing today, which made it even worse! After all these days, I've been having the greatest time of my life, and now I have to wave goodbye?

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Tonight was our last night at Xizhou, and we had the Jammies™, and we all gathered in the TV room to view the PowerPoint of the Jammies™, but since the computer would not hook up to the TV, we switched to Classroom 2.  The Jammies™ is like the Grammies. In the Jammies™, there are Mr. and Ms. Inquiry, Mr. and Ms. Microcampus, Golden Broom (cleanest room during room inspection), Dirty Sock (dirtiest room during room inspection), the Tough It Out award, Stepping Up, Photo Bomb, Toughest Day, Best Dancer, Best Pun, and more.

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Why did I come to Microcampus? I thought that I came to study my topic: The Daily Life of a Girl in Middle School here in Xizhou. I thought I came here to experience new things. I thought I came here to meet new people and have fun. Yes, I did come here to do all of those things, but no, I came here to do other things, bigger things as well. This trip is about personal growth.

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As I woke up, I could already feel the difference and the longing for more time to spend with Xizhou. Today was all about wrapping up what we started here in Xizhou. We had a lot of Check-Out time so we could clean up all our stuff, both physically and on the website. We also did our Final Wellness Reflection today. We filmed one of our final Daily Video Shout-Outs too ;(  I also finally rode a horse cart today! At first, Rebecca was riding it and Mr. Yang, the horsecart driver, jumped off the cart and got onto the back of the cart, leaving Rebecca to ride it all by herself.

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Tonight was super fun. One of the best nights ever! The jammies were really cool and I won a few awards. I am ready to stay another month here, but at the same time I am ready to go home to my own bed and my closet. I can not believe that this is our last night sleeping in Yang Zhou Ran. I am really going to miss it here and being a part of the big microcampus family. I hope that we are going to have a reunion. Its going to be great getting to go see the other half of our group. It's kind of weird, but I am ready to go back to school and get back in the flow of it.

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Today was the Jammy Awards! A presigious award ceremony that outshines the Grammys by far. We all dressed up in our most glamorous jammies, and walked the red carpet (made of red t-shirts.) We got into the venue (classroom 2) and began the 24th annual Jammy Awards. I won a few things, but my favorites are "most huggable", "highest jumper", and "Ms. Microcampus." This was such a great night, and a great end to the trip. It was such a fun night and a great way to bond. 

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Today during WIPPIT time we started packing. It was very sad to think our time here is done. We had a really fun evening of looking back on our time here at microcampus. Today was a pretty relaxing day. We got to go to our service learning partner and show him the video. Many others at the mosque were intresting in what we were doing, so if you are a future microcampus student, you should go to the mosque and look there. Our day here was very peaceful I think we are getting all ready to go back to shanghai, really wish we had more time, but we dont so yea.

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When I first came to Microcampus, I wanted to see how I handled myself when I am independent. I lived in a world where everything was done for me, where somethings were chosen for me. I needed to see myself away from the city. I never really knew who I was but now, I think I know. I was surpised when I came here. It was not what I expected it to be but in a good way. I thought it would be a small village but I was suprised when I came here to see that it was much more modern than I thought.

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Today was the JAMMIES ™.The JAMMIES are a bigger version of the Grammies. We all wore our most glamourous pyjamas and went into the TV room. As we walked in we walked down the Red Carpet (4 of Graham's red shirts). The TV was having technical difficulties, and so the offical ground of the JAMMIES was moved to Classroom 2. The JAMMIES is an award show that gave us the chance to recieve awards for awards such as "Best Photobomber", or "Best Arrivial Time Guesser." This was fun, and when we accepted our awards, we gave a speech, and all of the speeches were very cheesy.