Phase 0: Getting Started: Topic Exploration and Selection

Updated 6 years 1 month ago

My top choice for my inquiry project topic is education. I really like working with kids and also education has always been one of the things that I believe is essential in a good community. Coming from India, where few kids who live in rural communities go to school, I think that education is probably the most important aspect, and it’s very important to me. Also, coming from three different types of schools (Indian system, American system and International system), I know about different styles of education, so I want to learn more about the type of education that is given to children in rural China.

As I looked at all the topics more carefully, I realized that education was the one I wanted to do. I really like working with kids, and as I stated above, I do believe that education is probably the most important aspect in your life. Being from a place where education is often not given the priority over work, I really want to help and study the education system in different places around the world. I'm very interested in knowing how the education system in Xizhou works and also how the children like it. I think my final project would be either on comparing the Chinese system to the Indian system, or observing the type of technology or materials used in teaching the pupils, on whether they're old fashioned or not. 

Below, I've written some possible directions I want to branch out this project to:

Supplies: What do the students use to help their learning? Do they use blackboards, chalk or whiteboards and markers? Are the supplies they use more old-fashioned or are they starting to use modern materials to help the kids learn?

Teaching: Do the kids learn the same items as we do at the same time? How are the teachers there? Do they teach the kids well? What's the teacher to student ratio? Have they been in Xizhou for a long time? Where did they go to university? Did they go to university?

Comparison: Do the students wear a uniform? Are the rules strict? Do the students learn different arts as well as core subjects? How long is each subject? Do they get lunch at school? How long is the schoolday? Do the kids enjoy going to school? How much emphasis is placed on fitness or PE?


Hey Everyone! I'm Aakshi, and I was born in India :) Unfortunately, Xizhou is now just a memory, but an amazing one at that. I miss the blue skies, the conversations of the birds, the slow pace of life and the people! Microcampus will be something I will never forget. Cookie Monsters in Xizhou '13 was definitely a success, and I wish we had the chance to go again! I hope the next groups that go have as much fun as we did :)