Phase 0: Topic Exploration and Selection

Updated 5 years 11 months ago

I have done the process of looking through all the choices and now I have chosen a topic that suits me best.

1)   Look at the list of possible topics on the Microcampus website.

Checked all topics and read downloaded list.

2)   What questions do you have about any of those topics?

Governance: How does a village government work?,  Where does the money come from that runs a village? Water Treatment: Where does the water come from? (underground) Economics Case Study: How much of the vilages income comes from individual small buisnesses? Astronomy: How do the people of the village use the stars and planets in their daily lives? What are some stories about the acts in space told in the village?Burial Rituals: How long have these articafacts been made for? Fishing Techniques: When are the people taught these fishing rituals?

3)   Which ones are of most interest?


Governance, Economy, Astronomy, Infrastructure, Fishing Techniques (containing part about the water)


4)   What kinds of things can you imagine might be a part of your research process that would allow for authentic, meaningful interactions with the host village and the people who live there?

I could ask for some type of tutorial if i was practicing Fishing Techniques, any interview with a sales man would provide some hard real life facts. Asking questions about past events and opinions to older citizens may provide stories and information. 



5)   Choose up to 3 topics and write a 2-3 sentence description of the possible topic with details about the following:

Economy (1) ,

1) I decided to choose this topic because for a long time in my life i have found economics and finacials interesting and decided to use them lots in the future to come. Not only am i thinking of working for a buisnessman involed with sharehouse and brokers, I belive this opportunity to study what truly creats an economy in the beginning is trully important for a heads up for whats to come. I plan to ask around and interview all sorts of workers old/young. The older citizens can provide me with some information on the change of the economy.

a.     Of all the possible topics that you considered, what made you decide to investigate this particular topic?

I am interested in the difference in life and how the people in Xizhou have different perspectives on the quantity and the way we use money. I would like to reaserch on the econimic stabitlity and change from the recent enormous economical growth in China.

b.     Why is this topic important to you?

In the future I hope that may be a banker or a investor and here is my chance to learn from small things to what my future holds.

c.      What do you plan to find out about your topic?

I plan to find out the numbers and statictics on a persons life ecomically, the economy in the region and what affects it, and the differnce in the money in the lives we have in shanghai.

6)  Send an email with the 2-3 sentence description(s) to Mr. T (

Hello my name is Jorge. I am a student in the 9th grade at SAS Pudong. I am Mexican and have lived in five different countries which are: Mexico, Czech Republic, Germany, Brazil and China. I am 14 years old and I am super excited to help anyone going to Xizhou by participating in this great opportunity called Microcampus. I went to Xizhou in April-May 2013 and if anyone has questions be sure to ask me. I have five different people in my family, my father, mother, older sister, younger brother and myself.