Phase 1: Posing Real Questions

Updated 7 years 1 month ago

I did quite a lot of BACKGROUND research on my topic which you can view Here.

I am still curious as to HOW EXACTLY the Dali Government is spending the mentioned 2 billion RMB (US$299Million.)

Most of these facts came up when I was researching Bodies of Water and water recycling in China in my old school, and some was more recent research while I was choosing my topic.

I really want to delve into and gain a better understanding of how water is recycled in Xizhou, or where local people get their water, how polluted it is, and what possible benefits or disadvantages the water in Xizhou has for the human body. I would also like to understand how the water is treated.


Here are the questions I wish to find answers to:

1. Where does drinking water and "washing" water come from?

2. How clean is that water?

3. Where does the waste water from a house go to?

4. What grade is the water in Xizhou?

5. Are there any health "effects" related to the water consumed?

6. How is water filtered? Is it filtered?

7. What do locals do to prepare drinking water? Is there anything special?

8. What happened to the algae blooms? How did Xizhou react?

9. I learned that villagers often rely on the water stream from the mountain, what are the changes from global warming as the years go by?

10. What more modern ways of recycling wastewater could be brought to small rural towns/villages like Xizhou to better citizens lives?


I still need to do more research on what situations are in Xizhou. I can't really find much information on that area specifically, but lots of articles about Lake Erhai.

I think it is possible that some families could link waste water to possibly irrigation systems as a method of recycling. It is also possible that the wastewater is deposited directly back into the Lake...which would be a little disturbing. 

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Hi Natalie. I just read your work, and it is very good. Your questions are very interesting that now even I am also curious about it. I hope to find the answers to it as you spend your time in Xizhou! Keep up!

- Sujin :)

I'm Natalie! 14 and Californian ✌ Love exercise, fruits, food in general, chocolate, and Xizhou! Missing microcampus so much :) The trip was amazing~! I feel like after coming home I sometimes doubted my love for the city, and craved the fresh, clean, air, delicious food, and kind people. I'm really looking forward to hearing about all the exciting things the D-group do :) I know they have a great trip and chance for personal growth ahead of them!