Phase 0: Getting Started: Topic Exploration and Selection

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I am interested in learning about village governance in Xizhou because I’ve experienced and learned about various types of governments such as Democracy and Communism. I think it would be interesting to compare these forms of government to a small village government. I plan to find out how this village is run, how leaders are elected/chosen, and what decisions they make. I plan on asking the leaders and the citizens on what the leaders’ jobs are and how they lead the village.


This sounds very interesting.

This sounds very interesting.  I would be curious to know how policies from the central and provincial governments are communicated and implemented in the village.  What relationship does the local Communist party have with the village government?  If the village government can't implement a new policy or doesn't agree with the new policy direction, what means do they have of raising their concerns?

Hey I'm Jason and I'm in Xizhou! I am studying village governance by interacting and communicating with the local people and the local officials. I also enjoy playing basketball and listening to music. Currently, I am enjoying the Microcampus experience and having fun! Feel free to check out my blog posts and inquiry project.