Phase 2: Finding Helpful Resources

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1) Possible keywords I can use in Google:

Asian Recreation and Leisure Studies,  Chinese Recreation and Leisure Studies, Traditional Chinese games, Ancient Chinese games, China's view on play time, 

2) I know that my sources are valid by,

Using Google is good to find sources, but then I want to look at sources for that and sources for that, etc. I will know by doing a background check on the professors and or experts on  the topic and the paper they wrote. There are citations for each paper written and if it is written by a professor then the college will be listed as well which is also a good source.

3) I can find out who is responsible for publishing this information by,

Articles, research papers, etc. cite who have written and contributed in any way to the final product. I like to check the person to learn more about what they have studied, what they have accomplished, and just who they are.

4-5) I was required to "reach out" to at least 3 experts in the field via email. I watched Mr.Hendrix's video on how to  use Google scholar to fin scholarly paper and professors possibly interested in my topic.


Dr. Yong Zhao-professor Oregon University

Joan Almoan-recreation director

CHCP-Chinese Historical and Cultural Project, focuses on traditional Chinese games

Dr. Yong-Zhao,My name is Alex _, you might know my mother, Dr. _. I live in Shanghai and go to the Shanghai American school. Today, I have begun an exciting journey to a village in Yunnan called Xizhou. I will be living there for a month to learn about the village and experience “real life” learning.

We had to create an inquiry project, mine being recreation and leisure studies of Xizhou. I need at least three professors/experts on the topic and thought you would be a good match due to your knowledge and studies on the importance of creativity, which is related to play and the psychology behind it. Please check out my inquiry project at and let me know if you have any helpful resources or people that I can contact for my project. Here are my ten major questions I want to answer or add on to for my project:

  1. What is the popular game among elders in Xizhou? 
  2. Will ancient games be continued to be taught and played to the new generation of kids?
  3. How have games changed from the elders time to now due to the advances in technology?
  4. What is the difference of the view on playtime for children compared to the elders view on playtime (older generations)?
  5. How have historical events (such as the Chinese civil war and the cultural revolution) changed games?
  6. Why do the people enjoy play time?
  7. How does the climate and geography of the land affect the type of games played?
  8. Are there still ancient games that people play or do now from hundreds to even thousands of years ago?
  9. How much time is devoted to games/recreation?
  10. How have games/recreation influenced everyday life?

Hope you follow my adventures. Have a great day!

Alex _

Shanghai American School

6) Results from contacting experts: I have had one reply from Dr.Yong-Zhao. He has told me to contact his friend who works at Sichuan University and specializes in the cultural and tourism development. He does lectures about China's social change, which has connections to China's view on play. 

7) Mu Xue Jiao: The Linden Centre offered many good sources that told me about more good sources. I chose Mu Xue Jiao because she was the first person I saw at the Linden Centre, but still gave me helpful resources. She recommended some elder community places, one of them not too far from the Linden Centre.

Andrew:  I chose Andrew, from theLinden Centre because of similar reasons that I chose Mu Xue Jiao. Out of all the people I asked he was the most helpful one. He recommended a lady called Yang Su Mei who works at the Centre. She knows a lot about the village life.

Xiao Tang: Xiao Tang, being the Yang Zhou Ran manager, told me that the best place to get information was the people themselves who are playing the games. In between the square and the market, women play mahjong and men play Chinese chess. 

8) In the Linden Centre library I can their find books/articles that are related to my topic and or the region of Yunnan in general. Their, in the library, is a section of books related to China. Their I have read a couple of chapters of the Tower of Five Glories, but have also looked in to some others about Yunnan and the Xizhou area. Books about play in general and the elder community of Xizhou might be helpful to learn more about my topic.

Hey guys, I'm Alex! I lived in Washington D.C, US for 11 years and have lived in Shanghai for almost 3 years now. I love to travel, eat, and learn about new things! I am here at Xizhou and loving it. The highlights are the kind people, the blue skies and starry nights, delicious food, and the outdoors. So far, thumbs up! It feels like it is going by too fast