I have a food allergy or asthma. Should I go forward with the application process?

Each person's medical history is unique, and the school nurse takes a careful look at all applicants' health records before giving her approval for students to go on the trip. If there are any allergies or respiratory concerns, it is important to have some throughful conversations with Mr. Tafel, Ms. Mai, and the school nurse to make sure that there is a proper support in the Xizhou area to support student medical concerns.

We are, unfortunately, unable to provide the kind of medical support needed for students with peanut allergies. Since peanut allergies are not common in that area of China, local hospitals simply do not have the ability to manage peanut-related emergencies.

Students with anything more than minor allergies or asthma would be putting themselves at risk if they were to have a problem so far away from a hospital that is used to handling such emergencies. We will have many meals away from where we live, and it will be very difficult to completely prevent allergic reactions by those who are sensitive to such things.