How much technology is allowed on this trip? Are "smart phones" allowed?

Students do not bring so-called "smart" phones to Microcampus. It has been clear from earlier Microcampus groups that the best tool to support their work are the old-fashioned "smarter" phones, which can only send text messages and make phone calls. More advanced tools actually interfere with students' experiences and are left back in Shanghai.

The role of technology on this trip will depend on the particular student and the learning that he/she is doing. Use of laptops, cameras, phones, and other electronic devices will be governed by whether or not these are being used as tools to support the overall vision of the trip (experiential learning, personal growth, expanding intercultural understanding, and having a positive impact).

In general, we will use whatever technology we can to support the overall vision of the trip. If a piece of technology is used in a way that interferes with the overall vision of the trip, then it is only reasonable to reflect on that and consider a different approach to how the tools are being used.