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I just began working on my final product and have finally finished my research. Although today was the "due date" for our research, an inquiry project should be a life-long project, where every answer leads to more questions. Hopefully I will come back to this topic, or even just remind myself of constantly being inquisitive about topics in the near future. But for now, I have collected enough information to produce a solid final product. I hope to finish my product before we get back to Shanghai, so stay tuned and keep following my project!

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This morning when I woke up I was very tired, because the night before I was not feeling well so I did not sleep well. I dragged myself to breakfast, but when I ate something i felt A LOT better. Then it was time for Cass and I to do laundry. Finally! We hadn't washed our clothes is such a long time and the three day hike also reduced the amount of clothes we had. We rushed to the laundry place on our bikes with our giant trash bags full of clothes. We even had to use both of the washing machines.

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Today Mama T and Aunt Sheila are coming!!! I'm really excited to meet them(: Today the morning was the usual, and we went to the fried rice place for lunch. Mr. Yang (the horse carriage driver) came and chatted with us while we waited for our food. That was a really interesting conversation :D. Then during WIPPI, Alex, Brandon, and I went to visit our service learning partners with Mr. T. But they weren't home at that time so we first visited a nearby Mosque and listened to their prayers for a few minutes. Then Mr.

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I finally got back onto a bike today, for those of you who don't know why I said finally it is because about a week ago I injured my knee and couldn’t ride a bike. At the end of the week had a hike. After that I was tired so for the second week I didn’t go in bike rides for a while. After all of that I finally got onto the bike and rode. We rode for about 2 hours. At about halfway we had sprints on a road that cars didn’t come on a lot although there was an occasional electric motorcycle that’s about it. We were told to ride as fast as we could so we could get our heart rate up.

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This is our last day for our phase 3 inquiry work, which was gathering information in the field. This was my favorite part of the inquiry project so far. We got to go out on our own and talk to whoever we wanted to talk about for our projects. Their was so much to learn. I talked to everyone I could, so I just wrote up my information on the website. I was done with my work for the afternoon when Mr.T asked our guard who was the oldest man he knew. he said their was a man who lived only a couple of houses over from YZR.

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Hey guys! Today was the day that we ended our researching on our inquiry projects, so I was working on my inquiry project for most of the day. Each of us try to come up with a "hanger", which is an idea that we can "hang" the information that we learned on. I want to design my very own tea shop, because I have been learning a lot about the business behind tea, rather than studying the making of tea or tea ceremonies. I'm really excited to start working on my design. My favorite part of today was when half of us, Microcampus students and Mr. T, played with the feather hacky sack dinner.

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During the last 20 days, I learned a lot about my inquiry project, but I did not only learn those. I also learned to play badminton. Vicky first helped me to play, and I got better and better. It was very fun. Now I am planning to do my 20minutes in zone by playing badminton.

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At last, Phase 3 is pretty much done. All that has to be done is Mr. Tafels approval. I personaly cannot wait for the inquiry project to end because it felt like so much work. Well, that's the real life I guess. Cannot wait to see you all! p.s I am feeling a lot less stressed.

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  • Ba Mu Si temple:
  • Above: This is a community kitchen. Family and friends come here and cook together then they share some of their food with the gods as offereings while they eat together. 
  • Da Ci Si temple:
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I really appreciated sleep this morning because we were all forced to get up once again at 7:30 which was very early considering I still did not get enough sleep yesterday. We had to once again get into the routine where we start working on Inquiry Project, Service Learning, and extra school work. That isn't exactly very fun but at least we don't have to hike for 10 hours in the rain. Since we had a lot of free time on our hands I decided I should spend most of my WIPPI time working on my Inquiry project.

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Day 20 at Microcampus, and today Chris and I once again decided to not follow the group to SFJ (The town's square) but into the market for lunch. There was mainly two reasons for this, one because we wanted to try something new, and two because Chris was somewhat short on his lunch money due to some random reason that will not be revealed. Anyway, I remember last time we decided to do so. Last time I got a giant bowl of rice with a bunch of other foods on it, there was some meat, some veggies but they kind of just tasted the same.

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Today was a relatively normal day.

We went on a 2 hour bike ride with all of the guys.  Our first stop was a Buddhist Temple near Lake Er Hai.  The temple was filled with the smell of burning incense and the looked like any other mediocre cluster of buildings.  However, once we peered into the darkened, concrete rooms, we saw all of the vibrant, colorful Buddhist gods.  The Buddhist temple was a very intriguing place to be.  

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Another regular day! Except in the morning, Cass, Amy, Armin and I went to the local kindergarten for my project. They were all so cute! Later, Alex and I went out with Amy, again!   But this was not the most exciting part of the day. At around three, we went on an all girls bike ride! Well, and Mr. T but whatever. First we biked to a nearby temple where Cass had been before so she was able to inform us about it. But it wasn't like the usual, tourist temples that I have been to in Shanghai.

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As we entered the temple gates, I saw small, old buildings of stone and wood. It wasn't the type of temple that I envisioned. When I hear the word "temple", I usually think of a large pagoda heavily decorated with orange, yellow, and red colors, with large offerings placed by the wall. The temples that we went to were more localized and built more for pure meditation. The pagodas were not beautifully decorated, but were heavily plastered with paintings and models of Buddhist Gods everywhere.

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Today I was able to talk to the same person from Tongji University and find out more information. I think I was able to confirm answers and get all my questions answered as well. Another thing we did today was a girls' bike ride around for about two hours. We went to this temple that was not for tourist attractions. The unique part of this place was that it seemed to be a self made temple by the people who actually lived because the proportions were not the same and each and ever part look special and different in it's own way.

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We only have 10 days left till we go home! Time sure flies fast. Today was the first normal day we had in a LONG time. Well not that long but still, it feels like a long time since then. We went back to our normal schedule of having breakfast at 7:30 A.M., terrace time after that, daily meeting, SAS Essentials, WIPPI time and all the other things we usually do.