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Today has been another work day for me. Although it is Sunday, work has piled up a bit regarding my inquiry and service learning project. I have still yet to film my service learning elder. As for my inquiry project, I am still pursuing my goal of creating a book. So far, I have 11 pages counting a front and back cover. I  have created a template where I will type in my information. I feel that my book idea has very great promise. It's actually something I can keep. Also, it'll be like a souvenir which will remind me of what I did here in XiZhou.

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Today few of the Microcampus members went over to the Linden Centre to watch the Dongjin music concert. I don't know much about the Dongjin music, but it was really cool. It looked like a mini orchestra. I think there are many similarities between the Dongjin music and the western music (orchestra). First of all the instruments look alike. There were instruments that look like cello, and there were instruments that look like guitar. The percussions were at the back of the group like orchestra. The people used similar techniques such as vibrato and tremolo.

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Our room woke up at 6:30 AM today to draw the moon since we haven't done the moon sketch in 3 days. Then I tried falling back to sleep, but the birds were chirping REALLY loudly so I couldn't fall back asleep. At breakfast, Mr. T started singing this song with all of our names in it (it's supposed to go on for 6-7 hours -.-). Today is the second last day for inquiry work, so I had to work really hard to make sure my final product gets done by tomorrow. I finished the intro part and the sharing my learning part before lunch.

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Hey everyone! Today was a great day to do some work on our Inquiry projects and Service Learning project. For my Inquiry project final project, since I want to design a tea shop, I had to go buy I sketchbook. Clara and I went to a stationary store in the market place nearby Yang Zhuo Ran, but the salesperson wasn't there so we just made our way back to Yang Zhuo Ran. Clara is studying architecture and she wants to design a Microcampus gate, so she also needed to buy a sketchbook.

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Today was April fools. I played funny prank on Yifei. What I did was I took a sceenshot on Yifei's mac and put in full screen. Whenever Yifei tried to open an application, it wouldn't work. It was pretty funny. Sorry about it funny.

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Happy easter everyone! It was weird not waking up and being excited for the easter hunt that my family has every year. Instead, we all went to breakfast and were surprised by only one thing…BACON! That always makes us so happy… Around noon, Brian Linden's family visited us at Yang Zhou Ran! We all played Star Shaped Badminton and Hacky Sack together! It was really fun! At five, we also made dumplings. This was my first time making dumplings, so when Xiao Tang showed me how to do it, I was not very good.

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Dumpling Night! We all worked together to make dumplings for dinner, like a team. All of us, or at least me, jamming out while rolling out the dough. It felt like home. Me cooking and singing along to my tunes. When I could no longer roll out another dumpling wrapper, I went to the courtyard where I played some badminton, in particular star shaped badminton. Yes people, believe it! It exists. We invented it ourselves. It consists of a 5 pointed star. From there we switch spots while playing badminton.

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            I expected, ever since we started working on our final project, that nothing too interesting would happen. But today I was proved wrong. First off the lindens, the people that own where we are living, visited. For dinner we planned to make dumplings. We started at around 5, needing the dough and making the skin for the dumplings. Eventually we finished all the dumplings and started boiling them but we made the skin too thick thus the dumplings tasted horrible.

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For dinner, we made our own dumplings. When someone wasn't making dumplings, they would be in the courtyard just hanging out with others and enjoying their time. There was even music playing in the background; so I guess you could call this a dumpling party. It was a "chill" night, and even the Lindens came over and joined us. Shane (Brian and Jeanee's oldest son) brought his guitar and played a few songs for us as well. 

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Time flies by when you're having fun. All of us have been so caught up in our daily work that we haven't realized how time has passed us so quickly. With only a week left, it feels like we have a lot of work left to do with both our inquiry project and service learning project. We will be sharing our service learning project with our partners (elders) on wednesday, so that's something to look forward to. Anyway, although the past three weeks in Xizhou have been fantastic, I am excited to see my family and be back home in Shanghai next week.

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Today, at lunch, my service learning group and I arrived at the square and saw Mrs. Tofu Dealer. After our short lunch of fried rice, we found out that another group also made an appointment with her. After an argument, we went out and met her. We were pretty sure she remembered us. Suddenly, she said that she was an old tofu seller and could not speak a lot of Mandarin. We were almost out of hope until Mr. Yang, the antique dealers husband, stepped up and helped us translate. We set up an appointment and we were excited that we finally got a partner.

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            Well, nobody woke up at 7:00 anyway. There wasn’t too much that happened today, and I didn’t have anything good to put into the title. Today we mostly worked on our service learning and our final project for Microcampus. I’ll probably meander a lot on this post because nothing exciting happened toady. My final project is recreating the ecology of Yunnan in a isolated area, although I’m not exactly sure why I choose to use that as my final project.

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Today we made dumplings and had the best social evening so far.  It all started at 5 PM with students going to the tables set up outside.  i had the priviledge to be the DJ as we played music for everyone.  The Linden family also attended and we had a great evening.

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Today, we made dumplings for dinner. I've made many dumplings in home before, and it was not that much different. However, it was more fun to make it with friends, and eat it with friends. Also, the taste was totally different. The dumplings in home are less salty and oily than the ones here. I don't think any oil goes into dumpling in home. The Linden family came to Yang Zuo Ran. Mr. Linden was not there, but Mrs. Linden and their kids came. We made dumplings together, and played games together. It was very fun. When the sky turned dark, someone started playing the guitar.

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Yes. Today we all decided to make dumpling (most of us did at least). Under the guidance of Mr. T, rank 2 of the international association of dumpling making federation association (there were only two members of the association) we all managed to make "edible" dumplings. Most of the dumplings that us students made broke apart, there were pieces of meat and vegetables floating around after the dumplings were cooked, and the skin of the dumpling was somewhat thick.

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Hello everyone! Today was such a fun and laid back day. In the afternoon, the Brian Linden's family came over to Yang Zhuo Ran to see where we live. Brian Linden is kind of like the founder of the Linden Centre. Brian Linden's wife (Jeanee), his son (Shane), and his younger son (Bryce), but Brian Linden wasn't here today. It was really cool to meet them because they are all so nice and friendly. Shane and Bryce both joined us when we were playing with the hacky sack, and Bryce played star-shaped badminton with us.

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Today was easter. I wanted to go to church, but we forgot to arrange that. The night before, Cass and I hid a bunch of alpineba around the campus. They were our "easter eggs". Some of the eggs were easy to hide. Others were really hard to find. P.S if a microcampus student is reading this, look down when you walk, find the rest of the eggs.

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Yesterday was a pretty low key day. We did go to a Mulsim dinner and the food was delicious. It was a nice change from the regular meals we have every day. We went into what I now realize is the Muslim section of the town. I had never been and it sparks curiousity. I want to go back sometime. We even tried to go visit the mosque but it was closed. Maybe some other time. 

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Today an interesting thing happened. I was eating lunch at Mr. Yang's restaurant and across the square was a woman hitting her child. Everyone at the table gasped and pointed and whispered and I personally think that it is wrong to hit a child but then I realized that it is just a different culture. One I do not know. I tried seeing it from her perspective and I kind of could but then I realized something.