Alpha Pilots

Brave pioneers? Wild adventurers? Crazy 8th graders? At the end of their time as 7th graders, these students were first introduced to what was then a completely new idea: to uproot themselves in the middle of the school year and spend a month living and learning in a tiny village with a strange name. This very special group of 11 was the first to take part in the SAS Microcampus program. Their spirit, energy, and occasional fits of laughter paved the way for those who will follow in the years to come. The Microcampus program we have today was made possible by all the learning that came from this first group. Huge thanks to Maddie, Madeline, Madeleine, Mirabel, Meera, K.T., Sabrina, Audrey, Noah, Ryan, and Harrison, for their willingness to "jump right in" and step outside of "The Bubble."

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