An Excruciating Hike

April 3, 2012

To be honest with you, this was the most tiring day of the microcampus yet. We left for Dali Old Town after lunch and headed there to buy our food for the next 2 days we were camping. After that, we hiked up the mountain which was so tiring because we had to carry our hiking bags up the mountain. When we arrived, we set up camp, I tented with Meera because she didn't know how to set up a tent and Madeleine roomed with Mirabel. KT roomed with Maddie. We ate dinner outside then went to sleep.

Hey there! I haven't updated this description in an embarrassingly long time. I'm currently a high school junior in Shanghai American School. I was in the Alpha Pilots Microcampus group and the experience that I had was something that I'll always remember. I decided that my project was going to be on the topic of tea and how it plays into the local Bai community once I saw the surrounding environment. Note to future groups: Enjoy the moment, take in the surrounding environment, and make friends with the locals. Also, don't procrastinate, that'll stop you from doing the things you want to do (I can say that with first-hand experience).